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This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

Riccar Brilliance Premium vacuum cleaner


This Riccar 20-pound upright vacuum cleaner is bag-equipped, with an easy on/off switch and a relatively long 35-foot, non-retractable cord. It has a full-bag indicator, HEPA filtration, manual pile-height adjustment, and a brush on/off switch. It also has suction control, which makes it easier to clean curtains and upholstery.


The Riccar Brilliance Premium is a 20-pound bag-equipped upright with an easy-to-reach on/off switch and a longer-than-average 35-foot cord that rewinds manually. It features a full-bag indicator to alert you when it's time to change the bag, and HEPA filtration, which is designed to prevent the machine from emitting fine particles of dust. This model has suction control, which lets you adjust the flow of air through the hose to more easily clean curtains and upholstery. It also has manual pile-height adjustment, so you can raise and lower the vacuum cleaner to match different carpet heights. When vacuuming bare floors, there's a convenient switch to stop the brush rotation. This model is similar to the Simplicity Synchrony Premium.


Brush on/off Brush on/off An on/off switch for the rotating brush lets you stop the brush from rotating when using tools or cleaning bare floors. This helps eliminate scattered dirt on bare floors and reduces the risk of injury if the vacuum tips over during use. It also reduces the risk of damaging a carpet or the finish of a bare floor if the vacuum sits in place at the low-height setting.
Easy on/off Easy on/off A switch that's located on the handle or where your foot can activate it is more convenient than one on the body of the vacuum.
Manual-pile adjust Manual-pile adjust Lets you adjust the height of the machine to a carpet's pile height to allow for easy movement and thorough cleaning. Adjustments are automatic on some models, but we prefer the more precise manual control afforded by some models.
Accepts tools Accepts tools Has a hose to which you can attach tools.
Suction control Suction control This feature reduces the flow of air through the hose, which can be helpful when cleaning upholstery and curtains.
Retractable cord Retractable cord A feature that's common in canisters, not uprights, a retractable cord is one you can rewind via a slight tug or a push button.
Full-bag/bin indicator Full-bag/bin indicator Some models have a feature alerting the user when the dust bag or container is full, which impairs the vacuum's ability to clean. Some bagless models simply have a clear bin, letting you see when the vacuum is full. Other models have an electronic or mechanical indicator.
High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter High-efficiency particulate-air (HEPA) filters provide the highest level of vacuum-cleaner filtration. In our tests, models with a HEPA filter have been very effective at reducing emissions. However, some models that don't have HEPA filters have performed just as well in our emissions tests, and such vacuums may cost less than HEPA models.
Folds for storage Folds for storage Handle folds to minimize storage space.
Self-propelled Self-propelled This feature typically uses a transmission and drive system to assist the pushing and pulling of the vacuum, thereby requiring little effort by the user. This feature, however, typically adds weight that can make some vacuums very heavy and difficult to carry or use on stairs.


Bag Bag Denotes whether the model has a disposable waste bag. A growing number of vacuums, particularly upright models, use a container that can be emptied, eliminating the bag. To capture fine-dirt particles, however, these models must use a filter (such as a HEPA filter) that can need regular cleaning, or replacement. Replacement filters tend to be significantly more expensive than bags. While vacuums with bags may also use filters, the bag acts as a pre-filter that helps to keep the fine-dirt filter cleaner, thus extending its performance until cleaning or replacement. Another caveat: Emptying the dustbin and cleaning a filter can be messy, and handling it may expose you to dust and other allergens.
Weight (lbs.) Weight The weight of the vacuum cleaner, to the nearest pound. If you expect to carry your vacuum up and down stairs, consider a lighter vacuum (under 20 pounds).
Cord length (ft) Cord length The length, in feet, of a model's power cord.