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This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

August Doorbell Cam Aug-ABO1-M01-G01 home security camera




Schedules Schedules Notifications can be turned on and off automatically based on time of day.
Geofencing Geofencing The users' location, as determined by their smartphone's GPS, can be used to enable or disable the device.
Monitoring zones Monitoring zones Motion in parts of the field of view can be ignored or prioritized.
Voice control Voice control Digital assistants that can be used with your voice to view video from the doorbell.
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit
Facial recognition Facial recognition Camera can be set to scan and recognize faces of visitors.
HDR HDR HDR (High Dynamic Range) video sensors adjust peak brightness and black levels to show more detail.


Claimed resolution Claimed resolution The resolution of the camera as claimed by the manufacturer.
Color night vision Color night vision White LEDs used to illuminate visitors so that the picture is in color.
Plays recorded voice message when not answered Plays recorded voice message when not answered If the notification is ignored by the user, a user-recorded short message is played.
Rechargeable battery powered Rechargeable battery powered Rechargeable batteries can be used as the only power source for the device.
Hardwired for power Hardwired for power Uses a transformer - existing, possibly - to power the device.
Indoor chime Indoor chime Accessory wireless chime provides notification of doorbell press.