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Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Smart Camera VMC4030P


The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Smart Camera VMC4030P is part of the Home Security Camera test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Home Security Camera models like the Arlo Pro 2 Smart Camera VMC4030P are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Video quality: Video quality includes image clarity, color accuracy, and contrast in bright, dim, and no light situations. It's based mainly on the judgments of a panel who viewed images captured by smartphones from each device.

Response time: The response time score is based on the elapsed time between motion occurring within the device's field of view and a notification being received.

Data privacy: A measure of how the device and its service provider collect, share, and use your data, and the user’s ability to control the flow of their data. Analysis is based on evaluation of user interfaces and publicly-available material.


Geofencing Geofencing The users' location, as determined by their smartphone's GPS, can be used to enable or disable the device.
Person alerts Person alerts Recognizes the presence of a person.
Requires Arlo Smart Plan
Facial recognition Facial recognition Camera can be set to scan and recognize faces of visitors.
Schedules Schedules Notifications can be turned on and off automatically based on time of day.
Monitoring zones Monitoring zones Motion in parts of the field of view can be ignored or prioritized.
2-way audio 2-way audio The camera has a microphone and speaker so you can speak with someone near the device.
Internet browser Internet browser The camera and settings can be accessed from a web browser as well as a smartphone.
Voice control Voice control Digital assistants that can be used to control the device with your voice.
Alexa, Google Home
e911 e911 e911 use through the camera's app allows emergency responders to be sent to the camera's location.


Claimed resolution Claimed resolution The resolution of the camera as claimed by the manufacturer.
1080P HD
Field of view Field of view The effective coverage of the camera.
130* Angle
Siren Siren Device includes a siren that can be triggered by motion or by the app.
Magnetic mount Magnetic mount An included magnetic mount for easy placement and removal of the device.
Indoor/outdoor Indoor/outdoor The device is weatherproof and so can be used outdoors as well as indoors.
Base station requires Ethernet connection to router Base station requires Ethernet connection to router If the camera comes with a required base station (for wireless connection to the camera), it must be connected by Ethernet cable to your router.
Rechargeable batteries Rechargeable batteries If the camera runs off battery power, the batteries can be recharged for continued use.
Works with other security sensors Works with other security sensors Supports Z-Wave or Zigbee connection to other devices, such as door open, temperature, or water sensors, and the app includes the status of those other devices.