Best Deals on Ranges Over MLK Jr. Holiday Weekend

We scoured the ads for top-scoring models from Consumer Reports' tests

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If you missed the chance to snag a new range for the year-end holidays, you might be in luck. Right now, we’re seeing lower prices on some ranges than we’ve seen in a year.

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“Range manufacturers and retailers both know that most people want to buy a new range in time for busy cooking holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas,” says Claudette Ennis, CR’s market analyst who oversees ranges, cooktops, and wall ovens. “So anyone who didn’t pounce on the chance to buy on Black Friday or in the run-up to December holidays probably needs more enticement than a typical buyer.”

Purchases also tend to spike in spring, when more folks are taking on large-scale kitchen remodels.

The January lull in demand means you can expect to see lower prices, even if retailers don't name the sales events for MLK Jr. Day, the same way they do for Labor Day, Presidents' Day, and so on.

As is often the case with major appliance sales, retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, and Best Buy are all offering price-match guarantees. That means any of those four will match a lower price from a competitor. They all also offer free delivery.

Work that to your advantage by comparing fine print between retailers. Who has the best price on haul-away if you need to get rid of an old range? Who can deliver and install your new range on the earliest date? If you’re financing, who offers the best terms?

Our range buying guide is a great place to get a sense of the marketplace. CR members can also access our comprehensive ratings of nearly 150 ranges. Read on for reviews of the best range sales we’ve seen for both gas and electric models—listed in alphabetical order, not by CR rank—for the first holiday weekend of 2019.

Best Deals on Gas Ranges

Frigidaire LFGF3054TF
The deal: $599 at Lowe’s
Savings: $250
CR’s take: Simply put, you rarely find a gas range with this many features for such a low price. This stainless steel Frigidaire has five burners, including a central griddle burner, and comes with a free nonstick griddle. It also has a 17,000-Btu power burner—unusual for a range at this price—that helps this model earn a rating of Very Good in Consumer Reports’ cooktop-high test, which measures how fast a range will heat water. Exclusive to Lowe’s, this Frigidaire range qualifies for free delivery.

GE Profile PGS930SELSS
The deal: $2,098 at Home Depot
Savings: $601
CR’s take: This top-tier range beautifully blends performance, design, and cutting-edge features. The $601 discount is just over 20 percent, and this sale price is $300 lower than what we saw just a month ago. It does extremely well in our tests, earning a rating of Very Good in baking, meaning it can evenly and reliably brown cakes and cookies baked on multiple racks. It has five burners, a built-in griddle, and even a WiFi-connected oven that can be programmed from your smartphone, so you can preheat your oven on your way home from the supermarket or double check that you shut off all the burners from your bed.

Kenmore 74237
The deal: $750 at Sears
Savings: $530
CR’s take: This handsome black-stainless range is a solid deal at $750. It’s hard to find black stainless ranges for less than $1,000, especially models that perform this well. The Kenmore is most notable for its top-of-the-range performance, earning a rating of Excellent in both our cooktop-high and cooktop-low tests—that means it can boil quickly and simmer steadily.

Samsung NX58H9500WS
The deal: $1,599 at A.J. Madison
Savings: $1,000
CR’s take: At $1,000 off its regular price, this top-scoring gas range is one of the best deals we've encountered. The range has plenty of bells and whistles, including a convection oven and seamless, slide-in design. With no clunky back panel, it offers an elegant, refined look. This model rates well in every test in our labs, but it’s especially adept at simmering sauces, earning a rating of Excellent in our cooktop low test.

Samsung 58H5600SS
The deal: $650 at Best Buy
Savings: $150
CR’s take: Another stellar range from Samsung, at a steep savings. Best Buy has the same price as other retailers on this model, but we think they get an edge for financing terms—if you shop with their credit card, you can get 18 months of interest-free payments, provided you pay off the entire balance in that period. The range itself is an all-star in our tests, notable for its even baking and broiling. It earns a rating of Excellent in our cooktop-low test, meaning it's fantastic at simmering, too.

Best Deals on Electric Ranges

Frigidaire FFEF3054T
The deal: $543 at A.J. Madison
Savings: $386
CR's take: This Frigidaire is a bargain-priced workhorse to begin with, so shaving another $386 off the price makes it a steal. A.J. Madison has the best price we've encountered, and it’s $152 less than the retailer was charging for this model in December. The range boils quickly, simmers steadily, and bakes evenly—only broiling is average, and the range earns a rating of Good in that test. This rock-bottom price only applies to the stainless finish however—choosing black, white, or black stainless will add about $100 to the price.

The deal: $1,009 at Lowe's
Savings: $600
CR’s take: Even without the sale, this GE is a good value. It has two ovens, convection, and four burners, plus a surface warming zone. It earns solid marks in most of our tests, including a rating of Excellent in our cooktop-high test, meaning it heats water very quickly. At Lowe’s, it’s a full $340 less than the lowest price we saw in December, enough of a discount that it’s cheaper than many single-oven ranges in our ratings. Technically, A.J. Madison has a slightly lower price of $1,002 for this model, but at the time of publication, the store only had one left in stock.

Kenmore Elite 95073
The deal: $1,399 at Sears
Savings: $650
CR’s take: An induction range is almost always a step up from a radiant electric model—nearly every induction range in our ratings has outstanding cooktop performance. This model is no exception. It earns ratings of Excellent for both cooktop-low and cooktop-high tests, meaning it heats water rapidly and simmers steadily. It also earns strong marks for baking and broiling. A Sears exclusive, this model is an outstanding deal at $1,399, with free delivery.

Samsung NE59M4320SS
The deal: $629 at A.J. Madison
Savings: $170
CR’s take: This handsome electric range has four burners, two of which are high-powered. Although the savings aren’t as robust as what we've seen on other models, it's rare to find any discounts on ranges of this price (most ranges priced under $800 tend to be store-specific models that are light on features). It earns a rating of Excellent in our cooktop-high test, heating water at breakneck speed. Its cavernous oven bakes and broils well. Through the end of February, if you purchase four or more Samsung appliances at A.J. Madison, you’ll receive a prepaid Visa card with 10 percent of the purchase price back, through mail-in rebate.

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