Best Ranges With Big Ovens

These stoves have ovens that can hold an entire holiday feast

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Even if our holiday tables feel poignantly emptier this year, there will be a time when we can all gather again. When we do, we're going to want to pack our ovens with meals big enough to feed a large family or a big gathering of friends.

For when that day comes, we've highlighted some of the very best ranges in our ratings that feature large ovens.

More on Ranges

Consumer Reports has found big differences in the size of ovens in the ranges we test. And our test results show that capacity and capability don’t always go hand in hand.

“A huge oven is nice to have if you’re trying to heat a bunch of casseroles for a potluck,” says Tara Casaregola, who heads up CR’s range testing program. “But a bigger oven isn’t as useful as you might think if you’re trying to bake or roast different foods at once, since you can still cook at only one temperature.”

In other words, if you’re slow-roasting a pork shoulder at 275° F, a large oven may also have space for a gratin dish full of root veggies. But if you want to roast them at, say, 450° F so that they develop a nicely caramelized exterior, a bigger oven won’t help you.

Instead, look to a double-oven range, which features two separate cavities that can be set at different temperatures. These models are more versatile and tend to do very well in our oven capacity test. You’ll have to give up the bottom warming or storage drawer to accommodate the second oven, but you’ll get more usable space for baking and roasting.

How We Test Oven Capacity

In addition to our standard set of cooktop and oven performance tests, which call for heating water, simmering, and baking upward of 2,400 cookies and 400 cakes per year, we assess how much usable space each range's oven has, not just total size. Ranges with the biggest ovens and the broadest array of rack positions tend to fare best in our capacity test.

We test mainstream brands, such as Amana and GE, as well as pro-style brands like Thermador and Viking. CR members can read on for ratings and reviews of five of the best ranges with large ovens from our tests (all 30-inches wide). You can also browse our comprehensive range ratings of more than 180 models. And you don't have to be a CR member to check out our range buying guide.

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