Sales of ranges heat up at this time of year as we head into a season of holiday cooking and baking. There are plenty of good deals to be found, but you'll also find discounts on ranges that performed only so-so in Consumer Reports' tests. Some can’t simmer without scorching, or the oven’s heat is so uneven that baking requires close supervision and turning and moving pans, and still the results are just okay. Our appliance pros bought and tested more than 100 ranges that are in our current range ratings.

Our range ratings usually show big performance differences between the top-rated and bottom-rated models. To make our list of worst performers, a range has to score 40 or lower out of 100. Radiant electric smoothtop ranges remain the big sellers, but you won’t see any on this list. Scores for smoothtops range from a low of 47 to a high of 89 in our tests.

Induction ranges aren’t on the list of worst performers either. They deliver fast cooktop heat and precise simmering and control, among other advantages. Scores for those in our tests range from 77 to 89. Even electric coil-top ranges escaped the list of worst performers—although one did just barely—with scores from 44 to 81.

So that brings us to gas ranges and pro-style ranges. Eight gas stoves scored 40 or lower. With some, simmering was so poor that the high-power burner, when set to low, couldn’t keep a pot of tomato sauce from boiling, and the smallest burner didn’t provide low enough heat for delicate foods, say, melting butter or chocolate.

Other negatives include unevenly browned cakes and cookies, broiling that barely browned a tray of burgers, small ovens, or slow boiling. With the gas ranges, the self-clean feature left some of the mess we applied to the oven, a mixture of baked-on eggs, cheese, pie filling, and other foods. Most of the pro-styles below don’t even have a self-cleaning feature, despite their high price. Here's a list of gas stoves to pass on:

Worst Performers

Gas Ranges

30-Inch Pro-Style Ranges

36-Inch Pro-Style Ranges

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