10 Best Road-Trip Vehicles That You Can Buy Right Now

CR's tests show that these are the best road-trip models across popular categories

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Finding the perfect road-trip vehicle means striking a balance among many factors, such as front and rear seat comfort, space, fuel economy, ride quality, and noise. It also should be a vehicle that’s easy to live with when you’re not traveling, and with strong safety and reliability. That is a lot to ask of a single vehicle, but our analysts have scrutinized our test and survey data to find the best road-trip vehicles in 10 popular categories.

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To find the standouts, we considered all those factors among models that meet the stringent criteria to be recommended by Consumer Reports. Each vehicle below scores at least average in those factors, plus they provide 500 miles or more of highway cruising range, based on our fuel-economy tests. They also have a sizable trunk or cargo area, based on our measurements. Because of the qualification needed to make a great long-distance runner, we omitted subcompact SUVs and small cars. We also list suitable alternatives, where possible.

All the vehicles featured here, except the Buick, come standard with forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking
(AEB) with pedestrian detection. (The advanced safety systems are optional on the Buick.)

The 10 models below are road-trip warriors, based on CR data. You can assemble your own list with CR ratings by using our A-to-Z guide. If you’re a Consumer Reports member, the full list is available to you here.

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