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Wayfair’s fourth annual Way Day sale is here. So if you’ve been wanting a new couch or other piece of furniture, an area rug or other home décor, lighting, or kitchen appliances, you may be able to save during this two-day sale. 

To get the products you want and to maximize your savings, you might want to do some research before you buy. This is especially important when buying furniture and décor online, when you can’t see it in person.

Launched in April 2018, Way Day is Wayfair’s answer to Amazon Prime Day. This year, Wayfair’s annual sitewide sale kicked off at midnight ET Wednesday, April 28. The sale will conclude at 11:59 p.m. ET Thursday, April 29.

What's on Sale?

Wayfair says almost everything on the site will be on sale during Way Day at prices that beat those of Black Friday. Shipping on all Way Day orders is free. And its sister brands—AllModernBirch Lane, and Joss & Main—are running promotions as well.

The majority of Way Day discounts, such as those listed here, should last the duration of the event:

  • Up to 80 percent off rugs and wall art
  • Up to 70 percent off living room furniture and bedding
  • Up to 65 percent off outdoor furniture, mattresses, lighting, bathroom upgrades, and tabletop products
  • Up to 60 percent off kitchen upgrades, pet essentials, and curtains
  • Storage and organization starting at $10
  • Décor and pillows starting at $25
  • Bedroom furniture starting at $90
  • Major appliances starting at $350
Beyond these price cuts, Wayfair is also running flash deals that last anywhere from a few hours to a full day, with new offers cropping up every hour throughout the sale.

Before you shop, check CR’s ratings and buying guides for cookware, grills, and mattresses.

How to Get a Good Deal on Way Day

It can be hard to tell whether a Way Day price is actually lower than the usual Wayfair price because many of the site’s products always appear to be discounted. But there are two easy ways to find out how good a deal really is.

Compare prices between Wayfair and other retailers. If you didn’t get a chance to compare Wayfair prices, the next best option is to look for the items you want on other retailers’ sites.

Take this Lodge cast iron Dutch oven, for example. Wayfair is advertising the sale price at $83.11 for the red version and $113 for the black model, with the original price marked as $119. But yesterday, the black version was under $80. And if you search online for the 6-quart model, you’ll find Amazon selling the black Dutch oven for just under $83, and the red version is only $77.91 at Amazon, $5 less than at Wayfair. Shipping times appear to be about the same as well, so Wayfair’s sale price really isn’t that much better than normal.

Large appliances included in the Way Day sale, for the most part, are available at similar prices from multiple retailers as well. So don’t let yourself be swayed with flashy advertising without a little research first.

To find other places where the same items are sold, search for the product name or use a reverse image search if the first search doesn’t turn up results. Retailers often have the same items listed under different brand names when it comes to furniture and décor.

More on Shopping

To perform a reverse image search, open up Google in your browser. Click on the word “Images” in the top right corner and a new search bar will appear. Then click the camera icon on the right-hand side of the search bar and it will prompt you to upload a photo or paste an image URL. The search results will show you other similar images.

When you spot a photo of the same product, you can navigate to the page where that image lives. In most cases, this will take you to another retailer, where you can compare prices and shipping options against Wayfair.

Much of Wayfair’s inventory, especially when it comes to large and small appliances, can be found at other stores, including Amazon, Overstock, and Walmart. These retailers may or may not drop their prices to match Wayfair’s.

Compare Wayfair’s prices before and during the sale. If you didn’t do this research before Way Day, there’s no way to know for sure what something was selling for before now. So this advice will be useful only for flash deals. Items that are not already discounted for Way Day may be available for lower prices for a few hours during the two-day sale. Note the price now so that you’ll know how much extra you can save when that flash sale begins.

How to Avoid Low-Quality Items

Shopping online, especially for furniture and décor, can be tough because you can’t see the items in person. And remember, while it’s nice to save on a new couch, returning a large, bulky item can be a real hassle. So it’s especially important to do your research before you buy.

Though Consumer Reports doesn’t test individual pieces of furniture, you can check our ratings of 17 online furniture stores based on CR member feedback about their experiences shopping online. Wayfair ranks toward the top of the ratings, earning a good score for quality and showing up strong in the on-time delivery category.

You may also be able to find professional reviews of Wayfair brands, if not the specific pieces you’re considering.

Customer reviews can be useful as well. They may help you get a better idea of quality, ease of assembly, potential shipping issues, and even the accuracy of colors listed on the site, especially if they include a photo of the item in the review.

But because reviews from individual shoppers are subjective, read as many as you can and look for patterns. If only one or two people mention that their new chair arrived damaged, it may be a one-off problem. But if a dozen reviews indicate the same problem, it may be a sign to keep searching for a higher-quality item.

Where Else to Shop for Deals

Though Wayfair’s Way Day is nowhere near as big as Amazon Prime Day, the annual sale has spurred a few major retailers to take notice.

Walmart is holding a competing sale at the same time, with a focus on home products. The retail giant is discounting furniture, small kitchen appliances, cooking tools, storage, luggage, bed and bath products, home décor, vacuums, mattresses, freezers, mini fridges, air conditioners, and more.

Home Depot is also promoting a two-day spring savings event that covers appliances from refrigerators, washing machines, and ranges to small appliances like vacuums and air purifiers. There are also discounts of up to 40 percent off furniture, though Home Depot’s selection might not be as plentiful as that of Wayfair or Walmart.

Our advice? Check all three retailers (as well as others) before buying anything, because one may have a better deal than the other on the same or similar items. And if sale prices are close, consider shipping times and costs (most deals include free shipping at all three retailers) to make the best choice.

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