14 Products on Deep Discount in July

This is the month to shop for gas grills, kitchen and laundry appliances, and more

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Thanks largely to July Fourth, this month always kicks off with a load of sales on everything from large appliances to grills to mattresses and more. It can be a great time to shop for big-ticket items, as well as smaller ones such as microwaves and dehumidifiers, especially as these sales often continue past the holiday weekend.

Beyond July Fourth sales, Amazon will be holding its annual Prime Day sale this July 12 and 13, which means there will be ample opportunities to save on practically everything, not just what’s on this list. There are already a handful of early deals exclusive to Prime members, and Consumer Reports will be watching the sale closely to help you find the best prices on quality products. Plus, Amazon isn’t the only retailer that has sales for Prime Day. Target has announced its Deal Days sale will take place July 11 to 13, and other major stores typically have sales and other promotions around the same time as well.

When it comes to large appliances, this year might not bring as many opportunities to get discounts. We’ve seen fewer sales, and those we have noted haven’t been as impressive as in years past. Compared with 2021, when the shortages and shipping issues really hit hard, we’re starting to see more and better deals become available, but it still hasn’t returned to the volume of offers we saw prior to the pandemic.

A handful of product categories typically drops in price this month outside of these sales. Consumer Reports tracks prices of every product we test all year to help you know when you can expect to find the biggest discounts. We expect to see major price drops on these products this month.

Want to know what’s on deep discount during the rest of the year? See our calendar of deals.


If you need to replace your refrigerator, you might be able to find a good price. Thanks to July Fourth sales on appliances, the first week or so of the month is traditionally the best time to shop for a new fridge.

More on Shopping

There are so many types and styles to choose from, whether you want a French-door fridge or a more traditional top-freezer model. You’ll also want to consider the style and features of the ideal refrigerator. Do you want a water dispenser? Is freezer capacity important? Are you short on space? Take a look at CR’s buying guide to get a better sense of which type of fridge is most ideal for you.

Check out the following refrigerator deals.

LG French-Door Refrigerator
The deal:
$3,100 at AJ Madison, Best Buy, Home Depot, and LG; $3,500 at Lowe’s
CR’s test results: LG LRFXC2416S
The typically $3,800 36-inch-wide LG LRFXC2416S refrigerator comes loaded with the features we track and more—shelves that can be adjusted without moving the food on them, air and water filters, and a second ice maker (in addition to the dispenser in the door) that molds elegantly curved and oversized cubes for cocktails. This model is similar to the CR-tested (and now discontinued) LG LRFXC2406S, and we expect it to perform identically. The tested model delivered top-notch performance almost across the board. The one exception is energy efficiency, where its middling score lands in the bottom half of the pack. Its more expensive siblings—the LG LRFVC2406S and the sleeker and still pricier LG SRFVC2406S—have transparent door-in-door compartments.

Whirlpool Top-Freezer Refrigerator
The deal:
$530 at AJ Madison, Appliances Connection, Best Buy, and Home Depot
CR’s test results: Whirlpool WRT112CZJZ
At just 24 inches wide, the Whirlpool WRT112CZJZ is one of the narrowest top-freezer refrigerators available, but it’s one of the best models in our ratings for its size. And thanks to its sub-$600 price, it’s also a CR Best Buy. The unit earns top ratings for crucial cooling functions and for noise output, making it the quietest in the class, and scores above average for energy efficiency. Its low score for convenience is typical of top-freezers, as is its lack of features, though this Whirlpool does offer gallon storage on the doors. In surveys of our members, Whirlpool top-freezers rated very highly for predicted reliability but just below average for owner satisfaction, a common combination among top-freezer brands.


Thanks to July Fourth sales, you can usually find loads of discounts on gas and charcoal grills. These deals often last throughout the month, but may be fewer and farther between after the holiday weekend.

Prices can range from as little as $100 to more than $3,000, depending on what you want. CR tests grills to fit every cooking style and budget, from portable models you can take camping to larger grills designed to feed an extended family. We produce ratings of more than 150 grills to suit first-time buyers and seasoned grill masters searching for a replacement or an upgrade.

There are three main types of grills to choose from, and each has pros and cons when it comes to cost, ease of use, cleanup, and, most important, how it cooks food. So you’ll want to review our grill buying guide if you’re not sure whether you’d be happiest with a charcoal grill, gas grill, or pellet grill.

Check out the following grill deals.

Dyna-Glo Charcoal Barrel Grill
The deal:
$221 at Walmart
CR’s test results: Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D charcoal grill
If you love cooking over charcoal but haven’t bothered to upgrade, this barrel grill, one of the best charcoal grills CR has tested, will be a step up from that rusty old kettle grill. This is the standard sale price we tend to see throughout the season. The grill performs well in CR’s tests for cooking evenness, convenience, and cleaning. And it has a built-in bottle opener, a fun perk.

Kamado Joe Classic II Ceramic Kamado Grill
The deal:
$903 at Amazon and Walmart
CR’s test results: Kamado Joe Classic II ceramic grill
The Kamado Joe Classic II is the best kamado grill we’ve seen. It offers countless features that make grilling and smoking easier than with other models. For starters, it has a spring-assisted lid that holds in place at any height; most grill lids are either open or closed. The lid also locks, helping control airflow and in turn, temperature. The upper and lower dampers are easy to adjust, and it has split racks that allow you to cook food at different heights, so you can sear a steak and cook chicken with indirect heat at the same time. And it’s one of the few models that features a pullout ash tray, helping it earn an above-average rating for cleaning. Plus, the price just dropped $200 from last week’s sale price.

Nexgrill Charcoal Barrel Grill
The deal: $170 at Overstock
CR’s test results: Nexgrill 810-0025 barrel grill
If you don’t care about having lots of features, the Nexgrill 810-0025 is a solid choice that still offers strong performance at a great price. It earns a high rating for indirect cooking and gets even better scores for cleaning. And while it lacks adjustable grates and a charcoal door, it does include essentials like a single side shelf and built-in temperature gauge.

Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill
The deal: $1,199 at Wayfair
CR’s test results: Weber SmokeFire EX6 pellet grill
The SmokeFire is Weber’s first foray into pellet grills, and it’s among the better models we’ve tested. It gets above-average ratings for cooking evenness and indirect heating. It also has an integrated cooking system called Weber Connect, which is essentially a smartphone app that connects your phone to the grill’s internal thermometer and temperature gauge. The app lets you check the internal temperature of the food you’re cooking, even when you’re across the yard, and it includes recipes with video step-by-step instructions that you can view on your phone.

Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill
The deal: $500 at Ace Hardware, Acme Tools, Lowe’s, and Wayfair
CR’s test results: Weber Spirit E-210 46110001 small gas grill
With just two burners, the Weber Spirit E-210 is a spiffy, well-polished grill in a small package. It earns a high rating for heating evenness, our most crucial performance test, plus strong marks for convenience and indirect cooking. Weber is also near the front of the pack when it comes to owner satisfaction and brand reliability in CR’s member surveys, with top ratings for each.

Home Security Cameras

If you want to feel safer and more secure at home (or while you’re on vacation), consider home security cameras. Rather than paying a company to come in and install a system that they then monitor for you, the DIY route allows you to set up and monitor things all on your own.

July is a great time to find discounts on security cameras. Since smart security cameras first became available, they’ve only gotten better and more budget-friendly. There are indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as video doorbells, and they can all be controlled and viewed from your phone or a computer.

Home security cameras can provide peace of mind by letting you see that your kids arrived home safely from school, that the dog walker showed up as scheduled, or that a package arrived. And companies keep making these cameras smarter through software updates that add new features, such as person detection and facial recognition.

We have found, however, that most of the models we tested don’t always deliver the high-definition video quality their manufacturers promise. And many models require you to pay monthly fees for some of the most important features, such as cloud video storage and monitoring zones (the ability to focus on or, alternatively, ignore motion within a designated area of the camera’s field of view).

With so many types of models and features, it can be hard to know what to look for. Read CR’s home security camera buying guide to narrow down your options and find the best product for your home before you start to look for deals and discounts.

Check out the following deals on home security cameras.

Arlo Essentials Wireless Security Camera
The deal:
$90 at Amazon
CR’s test results: Arlo Essential wireless security camera
The Arlo Essential Wireless Security Camera is a fantastic product, especially if you’re trying to keep costs down. It receives strong ratings in our tests for video quality and data security, and it performs quite well in our response time test, but its data privacy could be better. This model gives you a built-in spotlight that allows for color night vision, a rechargeable battery, a siren, and voice control (via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, and Google Assistant), and it connects directly to WiFi (unlike Arlo’s other models, which use base stations).

Blink Outdoor Camera With Free Blink Mini Indoor Camera
The deal:
$60 at Amazon
CR’s test results: Blink Outdoor security camera (third generation) and Blink Mini security camera
Blink security cameras strike a good balance between price and quality. They’re among the lower-cost models CR tests and they have above-average performance in a few areas, but they tend to fall short when it comes to features. Both the Mini and the Outdoor cameras in this bundle had top scores for data security and response time. The Outdoor’s video quality is above average, while the Mini falls a bit shorter in that test.

This early Prime Day bundle deal discounts the Outdoor camera by $40, and the Mini is included at no charge, so if you want to try out both indoor and outdoor smart security cameras, this can be a low-cost way to give it a whirl.

Washers and Dryers

July Fourth is typically an excellent time to find a great deal on a new washer and dryer. In general, washing machines and dryers are designed and sold as sets, which means when one goes on sale, the other typically does as well. And they tend to have the same, or very similar, prices. But not all pairs are created equal; in some cases you may want to avoid buying a matching set. It may be worth mixing and matching to get exactly what you want.

Washers range in price from $275 to $2,500, and there are many types to choose from. You’ll see multitasking machines that allow you to wash two loads at once, all-in-one front-loaders that go straight into dryer mode, pod-dispensing front-loaders, built-in pretreat features, washers with a steam option, and more.

When it comes to choosing the best dryer, you want one that will get your clothing dry efficiently and safely. Dryers that perform well but don’t hold up over time aren’t winners. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the most and least reliable brands.

Check out the following washer and dryer deals.

LG Electric Dryer
The deal:
$700 at Best Buy, Home Depot, LG, and Lowe’s; $750 at Appliances Connection
CR’s test results: LG DLE3400W
A CR Best Buy, the LG DLE3400W is a great value, and LG electric dryers earned high scores for reliability and owner satisfaction in CR’s member survey. (We expect this model to perform similarly to the LG DLEX3700W.) This dryer is Energy Star certified (it uses about 20 percent less energy than conventional dryers) and includes a moisture sensor. Plus, it’s stackable and very quiet.

LG Top-Load Agitator Washing Machine
The deal:
$600 at Best Buy, Home Depot, LG, and Lowe’s; $630 at Appliances Connection
CR’s test results: LG WT7005CW
One of the most affordable top-load agitators in our tests, this LG washing machine delivers across the board. The energy-efficient washer isn’t the most gentle on clothes, but it’s easier on your laundry space. It’s among the quietest models in our tests, and it gets high scores for vibration, meaning it won’t disturb you or rumble your floor. Cycle time is 70 minutes using the normal wash, heavy-soil setting. Shorten it by using the normal-soil setting when you can. (Only the LG WT7405CW rates higher in our tests, and it is also on sale but retails for a few hundred dollars more.)


As summer weather heats up, dehumidifiers tend to drop in price. They’re great for drying out the air in your home on muggy days, which can help things feel less damp. Dehumidifiers can also take that heavy feeling out of a basement or laundry room and prevent a few other sticky situations: Humidity levels above 50 percent can breed dust mites, mildew, and mold, triggering allergies or other health problems.

When choosing a dehumidifier, you’ll want to determine what capacity you need for your space. Large-capacity machines can work in smaller spaces, but small- or medium-capacity dehumidifiers may be more efficient. Read CR’s dehumidifier buying guide to learn more about what to look for.


A dishwasher can make quick work of cleaning up the kitchen, but only if it cleans and dries well. As in June, July tends to be a good time to find deals on these appliances. Depending on what features you need and want, these appliances can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000. Some keep things simple with just the essential washing and drying functions, and others have advanced features like WiFi control, third racks, and even zone control.

Start your search by reviewing CR’s buying guide to determine the best dishwasher for your home.


Price reductions on strollers start in June and continue through July, so whether you’re shopping for a baby shower gift or you want to upgrade your own kid’s ride, it’s a good time to look around. Strollers can cost $100 to more than $1,000. Styling, lightweight materials, and added features can increase the price, but our tests have found that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good, safe model.

Buying a stroller requires some research first to ensure that you’re choosing a safe one that’s worth the price. The best place to start is CR’s buying guide, which can help you determine which features are important to help you make a smart decision. Then take a look at the strollers we recommend to find the one that best suits your needs.

Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, doesn’t have any obvious symptoms, but it can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and a number of other serious health problems. And though your doctor checks your blood pressure at every checkup, a single reading might not be giving you the full picture.

If you want to keep a closer eye on your blood pressure, you can get an at-home blood pressure monitor. Consumer Reports has tested 28 models, comparing their readouts with those of a mercury sphygmomanometer (the device that’s considered the gold standard of blood pressure testing) as well as testing ease of use, comfort, and convenience.

Most models usually cost between $40 and $100, and they often fall in price this time of year. You can choose between upper-arm and wrist monitors, both of which can have a number of different features, though keep in mind that our tests have found that upper-arm monitors tend to be more accurate than wrist models. Our in-depth blood pressure monitor buying guide is a great place to start your research.

Microwave Ovens

You can find a budget microwave oven for $50, or you can spend upward of $1,000 on a high-end model that gets built in to your kitchen cabinetry. But the important thing is the microwave’s ability to reheat and defrost food, and not all models are created equal in that regard, so it’s a good idea to check out CR’s test results and ratings before you buy a new model.

The type of microwave is important to consider as well. Countertop models are the most versatile, and there are built-in and over-the-range options as well. If you don’t currently have one of the latter, this may be something to consider if and when you ever remodel your kitchen, but it will cost more than a countertop microwave.

There are other features to look for, too. Do you want the more common turntable or a sliding tray that may be better for reheating larger dishes? Do you need a rack? What wattage is best? Our buying guide can help you determine the best options for your budget.


Sunscreen is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting your skin all year, but it’s especially important in the summer months, when the days are longer and clothing is lighter. The good news is that there tend to be small discounts on sunscreen throughout the summer months.

When choosing the best sunscreen, it’s important to consider more than just the sun protection factor (SPF), which measures how well a product will protect you from sunburn and ultraviolet B rays that can increase the risk of skin cancer. You also want to guard against ultraviolet A rays, which tan and age skin as well as contribute to skin cancer.

Consumer Reports’ rigorous testing has found several options that effectively do well against both UVA and UVB rays, have an SPF of at least 30, and are water-resistant for 40 to 80 minutes. Take a look at which sunscreens we recommend before you start shopping.

Insect Repellents

As with sunscreen, insect repellent is a must to get through the warmer months. And the good news is retailers often offer discounts and other seasonally promotional deals around bug spray. CR’s data analysts have found that prices tend to remain low in July as well, so you don’t need to buy a season’s supply all in one go. Though if you find a great deal this month, there’s no harm in buying extra so you don’t worry about running out.

With so many brands and types to choose from, buying the right products can feel a little intimidating. Check out our buying guide for insect repellent to get a better idea of what to look for when you shop.

Blood Glucose Meters

Controlling your blood sugar, or blood glucose, level is key to managing diabetes. Accurate test results help people with diabetes adjust their diet, exercise routine, and treatment plan—which might help prevent complications and reduce the risk of seizures, kidney disease, nerve damage, and blindness.

Anyone with diabetes can benefit from testing. Blood glucose monitoring can be important for those taking insulin or other diabetes medications, for women with gestational diabetes (diagnosed during pregnancy), and for people having difficulty controlling their diabetes.

The devices themselves tend to be fairly inexpensive, ranging from $15 to $30 even when they’re not discounted, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of testing strips and replacement lancets. Testing strips range in cost from $18 to $184 per 100 strips. If you’re testing four times a day, that cost adds up to $265 to $2,685 annually. Medicare and some private insurance providers may assist in covering these costs as well.

We are not currently testing blood glucose monitors, but our buying guide can provide more information to aid you in your research.

Steam Irons

Even if you don’t have a ton of clothes that need pressing after they come out of the dryer, it’s good to have an iron at the ready. Our data has shown that steam irons tend to drop in price this month, so if you need a new iron, this is the perfect time to look.

Steam irons can cost anywhere from $15 to $150. Though cheaper models we’ve tested in the past haven’t performed all that well, you can find decent options for closer to $50 that can compete with more expensive models.

We don’t currently test steam irons, but we have a thorough buying guide you can read to learn more about your options and what to look for when you shop.

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