Best Car Tires of 2022

CR's testing highlights the tires that shine for all seasons

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Tire testing 2018 Wet Handling Photographer: John “JP” Powers
Tires being tested on a Toyota Camry at the Consumer Reports test track.
Consumer Reports

Tires look simple and can easily be taken for granted, but their design can be quite sophisticated. Differences among tires can have an impact on braking, handling, ride, noise, and even fuel economy. Given how complicated tires are, choosing the right replacements can be challenging, especially if you depend on word of mouth or in-store marketing messages. That’s where Consumer Reports can help.

Our experts have crunched the data from our extensive tire test program to select the best car tires in several key categories, including all-season, performance all-season, ultra-high-performance all-season, ultra-high-performance summer, winter/snow, and performance winter/snow.

Detailed ratings on these and dozens more are available if you're a CR member. The dynamic ratings chart allows you to fine-tune your selection based on criteria that matter most to you, but the best car tire picks below can steer you in the right direction. (If you own an SUV or pickup truck, we have separate picks just for you.)

How We Test

Consumer Reports tests more than 40 tire models every year, including those for cars, SUVs, and trucks. (In 2021, we bought more than 420 tires for our tests.)

More On Tires

We test tires at the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center in Connecticut for wet and dry braking and handling, ride comfort and quietness, and resistance to hydroplaning (when water gets between your tire and the pavement). Ride comfort, noise, and steering feel are evaluated subjectively.

We perform our snow-traction tests both at our track and offsite.

Rolling resistance was measured using an indoor dynamometer.

Treadwear testing was performed over public roads in western Texas to 16,000 miles. CR rates tread life on the projected mileage to wear-out obtained in this test. Our treadwear predictions are based on actual miles driven, not government ratings or manufacturers' promises.

Below you'll find our recommendations for each tire type, factoring in grip, comfort, noise, treadwear, and snow traction so that you can find the best car tires for your ride.

CR members can find the latest, complete ratings on the tire model pages and use the tire selector tool to match the tested tires to a vehicle.

Best Car Tires of 2022

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