Best tires based on Consumer Reports tests

Best Tires for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks

Buying tires is a serious decision. Our intensive testing does the research for you.

 The right time to start shopping for tires may be sooner than you think. To check, put a quarter in the tread with George Washington’s head facing down. If you can see space above his hair, the tread is worn down to 4/32 of an inch, meaning it’s replacement time. Your tires have probably lost their wet-weather grip—compromising their handling and braking on slick or snowy roads.

When shopping, you shouldn’t buy solely by brand reputation. Just as Nike sells running shoes of varying quality and durability at various prices, the same holds true for tire brands—even from big names like Michelin and Pirelli. Our tire experts put more than 150 models through a battery of tests—including braking, handling, hydroplaning resistance, winter traction, rolling resistance, and tread life. We also evaluate how long a tire wears by driving each set around the clock for up to 16,000 miles in desolate western Texas.

The models listed below are the top performers of each type from our most recent tests. There’s one consistent finding: Tires with the longest tread life, along with the best all-weather grip and handling, might cost a little more—but they’re worth it over the long haul. High-performance tires, larger sizes, and certain brand names generally cost more.

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