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Top Pick Tires for 2016

The best all-season, performance, and snow tires for cars, SUVs, and trucks

Tires are a vital part of car safety, handling, and even fuel economy. Their importance can’t be overstated. After all, tires are the only part of the vehicle that touches the road. But for shoppers, it can be difficult to parse through marketing claims in order to find the model that best addresses your needs and budget.

To help our readers make informed decisions, we put more than 150 tire models through a battery of tests, including braking, handling, hydroplaning resistance, winter traction, ride comfort, and rolling resistance—a factor for fuel economy. We also evaluate how long a tire wears, by driving on them day and night for up to 16,000 miles apiece in rural Texas. The testing is so extensive, it takes us a full year to evaluate each major group.

In the end, we have the data that allows us to separate the best from the worst, with detailed insights into how each model performs across a broad series of characteristics, such as wet versus dry braking. Below, we highlight the standout model in each major category from such brands as Continental, Hankook, Michelin, and Pirelli.

To find the best tire for your car, SUV, or truck, see our complete tire buying guide and Ratings. And check our tire brand pages for Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Nitto, Pirelli, Toyo, and Yokohama.

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