Best Toaster Ovens Under $100

These countertop appliances rate well in Consumer Reports' rigorous lab tests

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Illustration of a toaster oven and a plate with grilled cheese on it. Illustration: Lacey Browne/Consumer Reports, iStock

Somewhere between the functionality of a full-sized oven and a two-slice toaster, there’s the toaster oven. Compact yet powerful, this versatile countertop appliance can pull its weight in the kitchen.

With an array of cooking features, a toaster oven is good for so much more than cooking frozen pizza: It can bake a cake, broil a burger, or roast veggies for a quick weeknight meal. Some models double as an air fryer or a convection oven.

If you’re looking to buy one without spending a lot, the models below might just fit the bill. Read on for the best toaster ovens under $100, from Consumer Reports’ tests, listed here in alphabetical order.

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Receiving a Very Good rating in overall performance in Consumer Reports’ tests, the Black+Decker 4-Slice TO1755SB has settings for bake, broil, and warm. It comes with dial controls and a temperature range that goes up to 450° F. Easy to use and with clear controls, the downside of this 1,500-watt toaster oven is its low overhead heating element, which might make cooking taller items difficult.

The Hamilton Beach 6-slice 31411 earns a Very Good rating in our reheating tests; food emerged evenly heated throughout. It’s better at toasting a batch of toast than just one slice, however. It costs a fraction of most of the other toaster ovens in our tests. That’s why it’s pretty basic, with bake, broil, and warm functions, and three rack positions. This 1,440-watt toaster oven offers a temperature range of warm to 450° F.

The Hamilton Beach Silver 31143 toaster oven snags a Very Good rating in our baking test, evenly baking a batch of cookies and muffins. It’s easy to use with clear controls that are simple to set and a cinch to clean as well. This 1,100-watt toaster oven has a temperature range of Warm to 450° F, and there are two rack positions. This model can hold up to four slices of bread at once and (separately) a 9-inch pizza to boot.

The Oster Designed For Life TSSTTVDFL2 earns an Excellent rating in our baking tests, which measure how evenly a toaster oven bakes a batch of cookies and muffins. With dial controls and a convection oven functionality, this versatile model is not one to miss. Its temperature range goes up to 450° F and it did fairly well across the board when measuring ease of use and cleaning. Bonus for the fact that it presented no discernible flaws in its performance in our tests. 

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