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Best Big-Screen TV Bargains

Top-performing televisions aren't cheap, but these models offer a lot of performance for the money

A shopper looking for TV bargains in a store.

There’s nothing like watching a blockbuster movie or a major sports event on a 65-inch TV. But the best big-screen TVs don't come cheap—prices for the top 10 models in our TV ratings range from about $2,500 to $4,500.

However, if your budget isn’t as extravagant as your TV wish list, you don’t have to spend top dollar to get a decent big-screen television. That’s especially true this year, with manufacturers producing more big TV models in 2019.

Despite their below-average prices, the sets described below offer a satisfying HDR experience, a feature that can boost a TV’s brightness, contrast, and color when done right, making the pictures on the screen look more like real life. That's something many lower-priced TVs fail to deliver.

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These sets also provide excellent picture quality, and every one features smart-TV tech, offering access to online streaming services directly from the set, without the need for an external streaming player. Most of the TVs are LCD models, which make up the overwhelming majority of all TVs sold each year. However, we did pick one OLED TV with a relatively modest price because sets with that technology have recently dominated our ratings, providing rich, deep blacks and unlimited viewing angles.

The list below consists mainly of 65-inch sets, which are increasingly popular, but it also includes one 55-inch TCL model. You may be able to pay less by choosing any one of these models in a smaller screen size. See whether you can get a 30-day price-match guarantee from the retailer. That will protect you against and significant price drops.

CR members can also sort through our ratings by price and find lower-cost models that could be a better fit for their needs. For example, not-so-good sound will tend to bring down a TV’s Overall Score. But the set might be a terrific choice if you intend to use a sound-bar speaker or home-theater system with the set. A set with a narrower viewing angle might not be a problem if you’re free to sit directly in front of the TV at all times.

The more than 200 models in our ratings right now all went through a battery of objective measurements and subjective evaluations designed to push a TV to its limits. You’ll see individual scores for attributes such as high-definition picture quality, Ultra High Definition performance (for 4K models), viewing angle, motion blur, and sound quality. We also consider versatility and ease of use.

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Yes, a lot of us may have a hard time wrapping our heads around the concept of a TV this expensive being considered a bargain. But if you’re looking for a top-performing OLED TV, this 65-inch 4K set is the least expensive option by a few hundred dollars, and it delivers everything you’d want in a TV: great overall picture quality, effective HDR performance, and even top-notch sound. Like all the OLED TVs we’ve tested, it delivers very deep blacks, along with a virtually unlimited viewing angle. 

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