55-In. TV illustration for an article on Black Friday deals on TVs 55 inches and smaller

While a jumbo-sized TV can be an impressive statement piece in your living room, not everyone wants one. And there are plenty of great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be found on televisions anywhere from just 32 inches in size up to 55 inches.

With sets 32 inches or smaller, you don’t have to choose between HD and 4K resolution—those sets are all either 720p or 1080p models. But you can still get a smart TV, even in the smallest screen sizes.

Most of today’s 40-inch TVs now have 4K resolution, but few models in this screen size can present a compelling HDR, or high dynamic range, experience. (When executed well by TVs, HDR content can produce very bright images with more contrast and more vibrant colors than non-HDR video, coming close to what we see in real life.)

Among smaller and midsized sets, the biggest price cuts we’ve seen so far are on 55-inch models, which is a suitable size for many of us as a main TV in our home. If you’re looking for a bigger set, check out our article on the best deals we’ve seen on 65-inch TVs or on TVs 70 inches or even larger.

We’ll be monitoring special TV deals through Cyber Monday and Cyber Week, and updating this and other TV deals articles, so keep checking back.

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32-Inch to 50-Inch TVs

Insignia 32-Inch 720p Fire TV Edition Smart TV

    This is a nice price on a set from Best Buy’s house brand, provided you’re okay with high-definition (not UHD) resolution. The model has very good HD picture quality, and the Amazon Fire TV system provides you with easy access to streaming services. The good news is that the price has dropped $20 since we first posted the deal, at both retailers.

    CR’s test results: Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

    Toshiba 32-Inch 720p Fire TV Edition Smart TV

      We saw this set, the Toshiba TF-32A710U21, for the same price at the Amazon Prime Day event. We didn’t test it, but other Toshiba HD Fire TVs have done decently for HD picture quality.

      TCL 32-Inch 720p Roku TV

        This is a pretty basic 2019 model that showed up in Best Buy’s Black Friday sale last year for about $10 less. We didn’t test it, but we have put other TCL sets this size through their paces and they’ve generally been decent in picture quality. On the plus side, we like the Roku smart TV platform, which offers access to a lot of streaming services.

        Best Buy 39-Inch 720p Fire TV Edition Smart TV

          The Insignia NS-39DF310NA21720p, a 720p model from Best Buy's house brand, is at a low price for a set this size. We didn't test this set, but other Insignia model with HD resolution have done decently in our tests, and it has Amazon's Fire TV smart TV system built into the set.

          TCL 40-Inch TCL S-Series Android TV

            While most of the TCL sets we’ve reviewed at Consumer Reports have been Roku TV models, this 40-inch 1080p TCL set—found only at Best Buy—uses the Android TV smart TV platform. It delivers a satisfying high-definition picture, though its viewing angle is fairly narrow and its sound quality is only fair. The Android TV smart TV platform has the voice-enabled Google Assistant built in.


            CR’s test results: TCL40S330

            TCL 43-Inch TCL 4K Android Smart TV

              This is another 4-series TCL, the TCL S434, that we’re seeing only at Target right now. It’s an entry-level 4K TV that uses the Android smart TV system; most TCL sets are Roku TVs. We didn’t test this model, but entry-level TCL TVs have generally been decent sets, except for their unsatisfying HDR performance.

              Hisense 43-Inch 4K H55-Series Android Smart TV

                We didn’t test this set, but in general, entry-level Hisense 4K TVs have done fairly well for picture quality, though not for HDR performance, in Consumer Reports’ testing. Like other Android TVs, it has Chromecast and Google Assistant built in.

                Hisense 43-Inch H65-Series 4K Android Smart TV

                  This 43-inch 4K smart TV from Hisense, which is a step up from the H55-series set listed above, does fairly well in our ratings, with decent HD and 4K picture quality. However, like many less expensive sets, its HDR performance is ineffective. The Android TV system has Chromecast for streaming from mobile devices, plus Google Assistant built in.

                  CR’s test results: Hisense 43H6570G

                  Sony 43-Inch 800H-Series 4K Android Smart TV

                    This set is $449 at several retailers, but Dell’s offer comes with a $25 e-gift card, which sweetens the deal there if you can use it. This TV is a step-up model that does well except in its HDR performance in our tests. It uses the Google Android TV smart TV system, which has with the voice-enabled Google Assistant built in.


                    CR’s test results: Sony XBR-43X800H

                    Insignia 50-Inch 4K Fire TV Smart TV

                      This 50-inch 4K Fire TV from Insignia, Best Buy’s house brand, is at a very low price for a set this size. (Only signed-in Best Buy members see this price right now, so we suggest becoming one; it’s free.) We didn’t test this model, the Insignia NS-50DF710NA21, but other Insignia sets have been middling performers. It’s at a very good price right now; it was listed $100 higher at Amazon during the Amazon Prime Day sale.

                      TCL 50-Inch 4-Series Roku Smart TV

                        This Best Buy exclusive comes at a nice price for a 4K TV this size. And though we can’t vouch for the set’s performance, we can say that we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the overall picture quality of other models from TCL’s entry-level 4K series. But don’t expect this set to deliver effective HDR performance. Roku TVs are easy to use and offer lots of streaming services.

                        Hisense 50-Inch 4K Roku Smart TV

                          This 50-inch 4K Hisense set, found mainly at Target and Amazon, is another lower-priced model that does well in CR testing for overall picture quality but can’t produce an engaging HDR experience. It’s a lot cheaper at Target right now than at Amazon.

                          CR’s test results: Hisense 50R6090G

                          Vizio 50-Inch MX-6 Series Vizio 4K Smart TV

                            We don’t see this M-Series Vizio set, part of Walmart’s sale that started Nov. 12, at other retailers, so it looks like a Walmart special. It’s priced about $100 below Vizio’s least expensive M-Series set at other retailers, but is currently out of stock. We haven’t tested this set.

                            55-Inch to 60-Inch TVs

                            TCL 55-Inch 4-Series 4K Android TV

                              We didn’t test this set, found only at Best Buy. Unlike most TCL sets, which are Roku TVs, this series uses the Android TV smart TV platform. It’s selling at a nice price for a set this size, but we did spot this model at Best Buy for just $200 a few weeks ago, and it’s supposed to drop to that price again closer to Black Friday.

                              LG 55-Inch 4K Smart TV

                                This entry-level 4K model, which has been available since Nov. 5, has decent, if not great, picture quality. It’s a members-only item that’s currently selling at warehouse stores such as BJ’s and Sam’s Club for about $430.


                                CR’s test results: LG 55UN7300AUD

                                Samsung 55-Inch Q60 4K QLED Smart TV

                                  This 2020 model from Samsung’s entry-level QLED series is selling for about $100 more at retailers including Best Buy right now. We haven’t tested it, but other Q60 sets have scored well for picture quality in our ratings.

                                  Vizio 55-Inch 4K OLED Smart TV

                                    We’ve been waiting for this deal to drop, and it finally has. Best Buy members who are signed in will see this price, down from $1,300 previously. We tested this set and it does great in our ratings, though it can’t quite match the HDR performance we’ve seen with OLED TVs from LG and Sony. Still, it’s the lowest-priced OLED TV this size, even before the price drop. This set should be appealing to anyone who has wanted an OLED TV.


                                    CR’s test results: Vizio OLED55-H1

                                    LG 55-Inch CX-Series 4K OLED Smart TV

                                      Though this 4K OLED TV from LG isn’t cheap, it’s at the lowest price we’ve seen so far this year. More important, it’s among the best TVs we’ve tested in 2020, with top-notch picture quality and effective HDR performance. It also delivers great sound, with support for Dolby Atmos immersive audio. It’s currently out of stock at Walmart, but it’s possible that the retailer will restock. And if you’re a Best Buy member (it’s free to sign up) you’ll save an additional $50. That will match the price at Costco, though Costco throws in a free three-year Allstate extended warranty.


                                      CR’s test results: LG 55OLEDCXPUA

                                      Samsung 58-Inch TU7000-Series 4K Smart TV

                                        This is an entry-level model in the company’s mainstream non-QLED 4K TV lineup for 2020. We didn't test this screen size, but the 55-inch Samsung UN55TU7000 was a satisfying overall performer except for HDR, which was ineffective. It's about the same price at both Best Buy and Walmart right now.

                                        Onn 60-Inch 4K Roku Smart TV

                                          Available Monday, Nov. 30, at 12:00 a.m. ET.


                                          This set, the Onn 100024699, is part of Walmart's Cyber Monday sale. Walmart's similar sales during Black Friday sold out quickly. We haven't tested this particular model, but we have tested a number of Onn-brand TVs and some have been decent sets, while others weren't so hot. Like many Onn TVs, this is a Roku TV model with access to lots of streaming content.