Volkswagen will pay more than $15 billion to settle lawsuits over its diesel emissions scandal, Bloomberg reported today.

The amount is about $5 billion more than previous reports about the settlement, which is expected to be unveiled Tuesday.

The deal includes about $10 billion to buy back VW diesels at what the vehicles were worth before the scandal broke in September. Owners also would get as much as $10,000 to compensate them for the scandal itself, Bloomberg reported.

On top of that, VW would shell out $2.7 billion in fines to the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board. In addition, VW would spend $2 billion on clean-emissions technology, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reported that the compensation figure climbed because of changing estimates about what it will take to get 85 percent of VW diesel owners to trade in their cars.

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to cheating on government emissions tests with defeat devices installed in 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide—including about 550,000 sold in the U.S. The devices cut emissions to lawful levels during testing but allowed these vehicles spew as much as 40 times the maximum allowed when driving down the road, violating Clean Air Act regulations.