Best Matching Washer & Dryer Sets

Electrolux, GE, Insignia, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Speed Queen stand out in CR's tests

A man and a young child in front of a best washer and dryer set.

A matching washer and dryer look good together, but they don’t always make a great couple.

Why does the washer deliver while the dryer disappoints? How does a high-efficiency top-loader that can’t remove tough stains end up with a terrific dryer? To help you zero in on the best sets for your needs and budget, we’ve combed through our ratings and paired up winners. 


Here is a list of the 19 washer-dryer sets that earn an impressive Overall Score in our tests. LG dominates the top spots in our ratings of front-loaders, HE top-loaders, and dryers because of its performance in our lab tests and the brand’s reliability ratings—Very Good for its front-loaders and Excellent for its HE top-loaders and dryers. Electrolux, GE, Insignia, Maytag, Samsung, and Speed Queen sets also are notable. 

CR members can read on for detailed ratings and reviews of each model.

Front-Loader Sets
LG WM4000HWA Washer + LG DLEX4000W Dryer
LG Signature WM9500HKA Washer + LG Signature DLEX9500K Dryer
LG WM8100HVA Washer + LG DLEX8100V Dryer
Samsung WF50K7500AW Washer + Samsung DV50K7500EW Dryer
Samsung WF45K6500AW Washer + Samsung DV45K6500EW Dryer
Samsung WF45T6200AW Washer + Samsung DVE45T6200W Dryer 
Speed Queen FF7005WN Washer + Speed Queen DF7000WE Dryer 
Electrolux EFLS627UTT Washer + Electrolux EFME627UTT Dryer
Maytag MHW8630HC Washer + Maytag MED8630HC Dryer
Samsung FlexWash WV60M9900AV Washer + Samsung FlexDry DVE60M9900V Dryer

HE Top-Loader Sets
LG WT7100CW Washer + LG DLE7100W Dryer
LG WT7900HBA Washer + LG DLEX7900BE Dryer
Samsung ActiveWash WA54M8750AV Washer + Samsung DVE54M8750V Dryer
Samsung WA50R5400AW WasherSamsung DVE50R5400W Dryer
Samsung ActiveWash WA52M8650AW Washer + Samsung DVE52M8650W Dryer
Samsung WA50T5300AC Washer + Samsung DVE50T5300C Dryer

Agitator Top-Loader Sets
Maytag MVW6230HW Washer + Maytag MED6230HW Dryer 
Insignia NS-TWM41WH8A Washer + Insignia FDRE67WH8A Dryer

Best Front-Load Washer & Dryer Sets

The front-loaders below deliver top-notch cleaning, and the dryers are impressive at their job, too. You’ll hear these machines working, but none make loud, sustained noise. The washers are water-efficient and most are gentle on fabrics. Wash times in our tests are based on the normal wash/heavy-soil setting, but the normal-soil setting is faster and works well for most laundry. A bonus with front-loaders is that they extract more water than other washers, trimming dryer time and saving energy. 

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