New Leadership

Diane Archer

Board Chair

Almost 80 years ago, Colston Warne, our visionary founder, saw the need for a trusted organization centered on championing consumers and courageously beat the odds to bring Consumer Reports to life. Much has changed since 1936, when we began—antibiotic resistance is a global crisis, phones are replacing credit cards, and appliances can be remotely controlled. Yet in a world that increasingly asks people to make choices, at significant cost and risk, Consumer Reports still stands out as a trusted resource to help us navigate our daily lives—our health, our finances, our safety, our privacy—no matter who we are.

The Board remains wholly committed to our mission. Last year, as we searched for the new president and CEO of Consumer Reports, the Board sought a leader who would build on the trust CR has earned as a champion of a fair and safe marketplace. We were also looking for a change agent who would help lead a revitalized consumer movement, in which the people’s voice drives change. As soon as the Board met Marta Tellado, we were excited by her vision and her commitment to elevating issues of social justice. We knew we had found a transformational leader who embraces our values.

Now, a year later, Marta and her staff have laid the foundation to extend our reach, broaden our audiences and deliver greater impact in this digital era. In partnership with Marta and her team, the Board is charting a strategic course of action that best positions Consumer Reports to serve the diverse and evolving needs of consumers. Objective, data-driven analysis, combined with hard-hitting investigative reporting, remains critically important to our mission. And we are coupling those initiatives with an ambitious strategy to effect change that tilts the balance of power in the marketplace toward consumers.

Consumer Reports is committed to working with you and the public at large to address inequities, to ensure that people can have safe products and needed services at a fair price. I have never been more confident in Consumer Reports’ capacity to galvanize the public and seize opportunities to level the playing field for consumers.

Thank you for joining with us to create a more just society.

– Diane Archer, Board Chair

Marta L. Tellado

President & CEO

This has been a year of inspiration. When I walked into Consumer Reports for the first time, I felt the power of its history and the promise of its future. I am honored and ever grateful to the Board of Directors for the privilege to lead this vital organization at a time when consumers need us more than ever. This need was reinforced for me in a year of engaging with many of our key partners—including our readers, activists, supporters, and staff—and seeing the magic of Consumer Reports at work.

Whether it was Christian Lillis, who lost his mother to an antibiotic-related infection, Jill Koziol, whose daughter was injured by ingesting a laundry pod, or Susan from Bradford, Pa., who reached out to us for help coping with crushing debt from her kids’ education, I have been moved by the courage, the passion, and the commitment of those consumers who are willing to speak out to save others from the same hardships. They are the real heroes who inspire me—and motivate me to raise our already high bar for excellence at a time when excellence is sorely needed.

This annual report describes the world we are striving to achieve—one in which people are treated fairly and equitably, consumer passions are transformed into real policy, products and services deliver effectively and responsibly, and everyone’s voice counts in the marketplace. Creating a world where consumers come first is ambitious and audacious, but consumers deserve no less.

Of course, none of it will be possible without you: our readers, supporters, and champions, real people who engage with and experience the marketplace every day. Your engagement is essential for our shared success. We can perform state-of-the-art product testing—but what good is it if it doesn’t measure the things you care about? We can fight to protect your choices and deliver clear information—but that doesn’t count for much if we aren’t reaching you where you are. We can conduct breakthrough reporting that exposes health and safety issues—but we need your voices to carry the conversation forward.

In the coming year, Consumer Reports will continue to build on its time-honored foundation of honest, straight-up product reviews and groundbreaking investigations. We will continue to shine a light on the issues that impact your health, wealth, happiness, and security—whether they arise in the form of car insurance rates, beef safety, student loans, or senior scams. But even as we build on our traditional strengths, we will never take our eyes off of the road ahead. We’ll be rolling out new services and new options for consumers to engage with us, with a focus on meeting people—all different kinds of people—where they are.

We need your support, your partnership, and, most of all, your voices to continue to remain a champion for the interests of consumers. That mission is more vital than ever, and we look forward to working with you to bring about even more positive change in the year ahead.

– Marta L. Tellado, President & CEO