Consumer Reports Annual Report 2017
Message From Our Board Chair

When I was first elected to the Board of Consumer Reports nine years ago, I was proud to have the opportunity to join an organization with an unrivaled reputation for speaking truth to power and lifting up the voices of consumers. It has been a privilege to serve this institution in the years since and to witness the extraordinary transformation of CR as it addresses emerging and persisting consumer issues in an increasingly complex digital world. As my term as Board Chair draws to a close this October, I look back on all that we’ve accomplished together. I also look forward to watching CR build a powerful consumer alliance that can shape a fairer and healthier marketplace.

In recent years, CR has strengthened its long-standing reputation as the country’s most trusted voice on so many critical consumer issues. We have helped to secure real victories for consumers around reducing harmful antibiotics in our meat supply, protecting patients from surprise medical bills, and improving the safety of new car technology. In so doing, we have fortified our role as a social enterprise that drives social change through data-driven insights and peerless independent testing.

We have brought our award-winning journalism to issues ranging from data discrimination in the car insurance market to the burden of education debt. In the process, new communities and new generations have benefited from our trusted investigations and reports. The launch of our trailblazing initiative around digital privacy and security is positioning us to help consumers better understand their choices and stand up for their rights in the coming years, as the internet of things and other software developments play a greater role in our lives.

Every generation of consumers faces challenges. Today, the tremendous imbalance of power in our society and rapid changes in technology have made the path ahead particularly formidable. At the same time, there is more opportunity than ever before for consumers to be heard, to be informed, to connect with one another, and to exercise their power. CR stands well-positioned to mobilize and partner with consumers for a better world.

As I conclude my term as Chair, I do so with confidence in the energy and vision of our CEO, Marta Tellado, and CR’s leadership team, as well as in my successor and dear friend, current Board Vice Chair and lifelong champion of consumer fairness, Annette LoVoi. I and the entire CR Board could not be more excited about the many victories that CR and consumers will secure together in the years to come.

Diane Archer, Board Chair