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Neato XV-21
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$299.00 - $440.41
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About - Neato XV-21

The Neato XV-21 is part of the vacuum cleaner test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, robotic vacuum models like the XV-21 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

This score shows how much surface liiter (cereal, rice,sand & pet hair) was picked up from a medium-pile carpet.

Bare floors:
Denotes removal of surface debris from a bare vinyl floor.

Noise is the scored measure of a model's sound level.
Features & Specs - Neato XV-21
info Remote control No
info Pattern Zig-zag
info Clearance (in.) 4
info Run time (min.) 60
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User Reviews - Neato XV-21
User Reviews
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Love it! Best idea ever!
Cleans Carpet Very Well
Cleans Like Upright
Cleans Solid Surface Well
Pet friendly
Very Few Missed Spots
Noisy Okay With Me
Trouble Finding Charger
Best Uses
Inbetween Deep Cleanings
Ped Hair
Pet Dander
Pet hair
Best birthday gift ever! I have wanted a robotic floor sweeper for a very, very long time; however, I have held off on the purchase due to the cost and negative reviews. This vacuum will not do the deep cleaning for you, but will save you a ton of time on maintenance cleaning in between. It puts nice lines in my rugs and easily goes between large transitions from solid surface to carpet. It is very loud - similar to my upright (Dyson). I do not mind that it is loud, as it cleans just as well as my Dyson. It does a better job on carpet than solid surface, which is a common issue with any vacuum cleaner. I was surprised that it cleaned my rugs/carpet better than my upright - this thing has some serious suction! If you are realistic about what to expect from a robotic vacuum cleaner, then you will be very happy with this! NOTE: Sometimes it does have trouble finding its charging station, I think that this may be due to my furniture placement. I just go looking for it and put it back - no big deal. Everyone should have one!
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Lasted less than one year
Gets under furniture
Great On Dog Hair
Doesn't Last
Short battery life
Small dirt bin
Best Uses
Keeping Up With Pet Hair
While it works great when it works, that doesn't last long. I am waiting to see if Neato will replace my third one in just under a year. The last replacement stopped working completely in less than 3 months. The last e-mail I received said my floors were not familiar with the robot. What could that possibly mean?? I have hardwood floors with good quality area rugs. And exactly how do I make my floors familiar with a robot? Very expensive if you consider it won't even last one year.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Very impressed
Amazing to Watch
Best Uses
We bought one for a gift, tried it before giving it and then bought a second one for ourselves. We own a house with an extremely powerful built in central vacuum system which uses a Hoover Windtunnel power nozzle and quite frankly, until we tried the Neato, we thought robotic vacuums were a joke. After reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon, we decided to go with the Neato instead of the Roomba, despite CR rating the Roomba superior. Yes, the Neato may be noisier but that is because the Roomba has no suction. And although the Roomba picked up more dirt in CR small test room, in the real world, people complained that because the Roomba cleans randomly, it often leaves some rooms completely dirty. In any case, the Neato is amazing. When you turn it on, it first seems to take a look at the room it is in. Then it does the perimeter of the room noting every door opening. Then it cleans the entire room and only then goes to one of the door openings and does the same in that room. Eventually it gets as far as it can on its charge and when its battery runs low it returns to the charger. Once charged up again it continues where it left off. It will go through this cycled a total of 3 times, and should be able to clean a good size house. Our house is much bigger than average so I usually have it start at one end of the house, let it go through its 3 cycles and then take it to the other end of the house and repeat. I am amazed by how much dirt it finds just days after I use our big central vacuum. I think the Neato is a superior product compared to Roomba. The Roomba excelled in CR limited tests. But if you put the 2 units to work in a real house, only the Neato will get the whole place clean on a regular basis. By the way, Neato recommends that the charger be placed on a bare floor against a wall. I've found that if you need to put it on a carpeted floor, keep the charger a couple of inches from the wall because when you have wall to wall carpeting, the carpeting is extra thick near the walls and Neato will have problems lining up with the charger. If the charger is placed 2 inches away from the wall, that problem is eliminated.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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