Neato XV-21 vacuum cleaner

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Summary: This Neato robotic vacuum has a pleated filter but lacks a remote control and edge brush. It has a 1-year warranty.
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About - Neato XV-21

The Neato XV-21 is part of the vacuum cleaner test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, robotic vacuum models like the XV-21 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Shows how much surface litter (cereal, rice, sand, and pet hair) the vacuum picked up from a medium-pile carpet.

Bare floors:
Indicates the vacuum's ability to remove surface debris from a bare vinyl floor.

Ease of use:
A composite score that includes bin capacity, remote-control usability, clarity of instruction manual, and ease of emptying the dirt bin and cleaning the filter.
Features & Specs - Neato XV-21
info Remote control No
info Pattern Grid
info Clearance (in.) 4.0
info Run time (min.) 17
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User Reviews - Neato XV-21
User Reviews
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Love it when it was working
Cleaning Efficeincy
Pet Hair
Wood Floors
Doesn't Last
Best Uses
This is the second robot vac we've had. The first one was a Roomba. If my experience with robot vacs is typical then the main thing people will be disappointed in is their lack of reliability. Normally if you pay hundreds of dollars for a vacuum cleaner you would expect to get 10 years or so out of it...sometimes much longer; not so with these. Expect maybe a year, if you're real lucky, without any problems that require a repair. By the third year expect it to be trash, or close to it.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Bad deal
Good On Hardwood
Breaks down
Best Uses
The company replaced our first one after we had nothing but trouble and then it just stopped working. The second one lasted about 12 months worth of cleaning and now just sits docked to the charging station and beeps.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Every day it runs, every day it's full.... love my Neato!
easy to use
Best Uses
Bare Floors
I've been a happy owner of a Neato XV21 for going on 3 years now. Once it took a tumble and fell down some stairs, so Costco gave me a new one, and I've had to clean it a bit (long haired family....) but overall I've been thrilled with it. I set it to run daily and when I get back from work, the house (mostly hardware flooring) is clean. Sure, even so often Neato gets stuck, but I can deal with that; it just picks up a little bit more the next day. I love having a dock; the Neato seamlessly returns to the dock after every run, in order to recharge and go out and clean once more.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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