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Experts at our National Testing and Research Center tested 15 models in batteries to see which ones perform best.
We look for:
  • Overall score
    This is based on ratings from Flashlight and Toy tests. The displayed score is out of a total of 100 points.
  • Flashlight
    This is based on the total hours of flashlight life a cell provided under conditions designed to mimic typical household flashlight use.
  • Toy
    This is based on the total hours of toy operation a cell provided under conditions designed to mimic typical toy use.



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Recommended batteries are standout choices with high scores. They include CR Best Buys, which offer exceptional value. When narrowing your choices, weigh features, price, and attributes that matter to you.
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In Consumer Reports' Ratings of AA batteries, our technicians found real differences among well-known names and value brands. Use lithium batteries in high-drain devices such as cameras and alkaline batteries in low-drain devices such as remote controls. If you're looking for information about batteries, Consumer Reports is your best resource. Consumer Reports’ battery reviews will give you honest advice that you can trust. Use our battery buying guide to discover which features are most important to consider. We also provide unbiased Ratings and battery reviews to help you choose the best batteries for your needs.

Battery buying guide

Disposable batteries are a staple in today's world of portable electronic devices. The most widely sold type--the AA--is used in flashlights, radios, remote controls, toys, and game controllers. Battery prices range widely, and to find out whether you need to pay top dollar to keep your gadgets running, we tested 15 different brand-name batteries--both alkaline and lithium.

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