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Full Track Report

An expanded road test gives even more test insights

Full Track Reports are lightly edited versions of the full technical reports that our auto-test engineers prepare as a source document for the car-test articles that appear in Consumer Reports magazine and online.

A Full Track Report provides much more detail on each car we test than the traditional road tests do. Where Consumer Reports magazine can devote only about 500 words to each car, a Full Track Report runs about 1,500 to 2,000 words.

Our autos evaluations consist of more than 50 individual tests, measurements, and judgments covering nearly every aspect of the driving experience. The Full Track Reports allow Consumer Reports Cars Best Deals Plus subscribers to dig deeper into the test findings by expanding the sections that matter most for more insights.

Who needs them?

The Full Track Reports are aimed at car shoppers who want more detail about our test results and assessments before committing to a purchase. But they're useful for others, too. Car enthusiasts and hobbyists use them as a ready reference. And many car-company executives and engineers use them to see how their products stack up against the competition.

What you'll find

The Full Track Reports are organized into major sections: Performance, Comfort and Convenience, Safety, and Reliability. Within the Performance and Comfort and Convenience sections, a More Detail button expands on individual findings within the section.

Thus, for example, within the Performance section the More Detail button reveals individual descriptions for Acceleration, Transmission, Routine handling, Emergency handling, and Braking. Each of those paragraph-style descriptions is headed by a Rating that the vehicle earned in that area.

Likewise, the Comfort and Convenience section is broken out into subsections for Ride, Noise, Driving position, Front-seat comfort, Rear-seat comfort, Climate system, Front access, Rear access, Controls and displays, Trunk and cargo facilities, Fit and finish, and Cabin amenities.

The individual scores for a car's various features and capabilities can help you to pinpoint those cars that best suit your specific wants and needs. And the Full Track Reports bring greater resolution to the road tests and deliver deeper, more-specific analysis than can be found anywhere else—online or off.

Posted: September 2009