Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Ratings

    Find your new favorite frozen dessert. Ice cream and frozen desserts come in a variety of flavors, but not all are created equal in taste and nutrition.

    View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best ice creams & frozen desserts.

    Ice Creams & Frozen Desserts (12)

    Our nutrition scores for ice cream are based on calories, saturated fat, sugars, and other nutrients.  The ice creams that are lower in our ratings  tend to be a bit more gummy or have flavor that’s generic or less pronounced.

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    Vegan Frozen Desserts (14)

    For nondairy frozen desserts, none really taste exactly like dairy ice cream. Still, they can be tasty on their own merit. The products that score lower for taste are overly sweet, have a less pronounced flavor, or have a hard, icy, or crumbly texture.

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    As you go down the ratings, the ice creams tend to be a bit more gummy or have flavor that's generic or less pronounced.