Technical Service Bulletins
Below, we highlight several key 'hidden' protections you may not be aware of, discovered through service campaigns and technical service bulletins. TSBs highlight common potential problems with models and provide corrective measures to dealerships. The items flagged below are of particular note, indicating a potential risk, and a potential correction, should you experience the specific issue. In some cases, an extended warranty may offer additional protection for a particular at-risk component.

Chevrolet Volt



There is one recall and eight service campaigns of note:

2011-12 models have campaigns to: add a reinforcement bracket to protect the battery pack (11342E); inspect/secure the driver airbag retainers (12020B); and exchange the 120-volt charge cord with a new one (11188a).

2011-13 Volts have a service campaign to reprogram the power inverter module to prevent a “no start” situation (13202).

2012 models may be recalled to install a new brake pressure modulator valve to prevent the ABS module from not releasing pressure after activation (13184).

Service bulletins

All Volts may have a “Battery too cold. Plug in to warm” message on the instrument cluster and the vehicle may fail to start at temperatures below -14-degrees Fahrenheit (2011-12) or -22 degrees Fahrenheit (2013-preset). This is the designed working temperature for the Volt. If you live where it can get colder than this, plan for a way to keep the car and battery warm.

2012-13 models may have a RESS battery coolant leak and need it refilled (14114), and the OnStar software needs an update (12187B).

2013 Volts may need the hybrid powertrain control module reprogrammed (12241).

2014 models may need refrigerant oil added to the A/C compressor (14122).