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Consumer Reports is the best place to come to find expert Coffee reviews. We review different types of Coffee. Our Coffee reviews will help you decide what Coffee is best for you.

Consumer Reports Coffee reviews will provide you with recommended models based on the combination of price and performance. You can also subscribe for our Coffee ratings where you will see our Coffee reviews on Price per lb. ($), Darker roast, Cost per six oz. brewed ($), Type and Container size (oz.). You will also see Consumer Reports take on each model of Coffee that we review. This is a quick summary of what we think works well for this model, and possibly what doesn't.

After reading reviews of the Coffee you are interested in you can compare models, review our list of the Coffee's features and specifications, read user reviews and submit your own review of a Coffee. We also have up to date Coffee blogs featuring Consumer Reports First Look for new models and Coffee news our experts think will help you make the best purchase.

Coffee Reviews from Consumer Reports

ratingsCaribou Sumatra Samosir Batak Reviews
Caribou-Sumatra Samosir Batak-Coffee-image
The Caribou Sumatra Samosir Batak Coffee has the following features: Earthy, Fruity, Some brightness, Darker roast, Trace chocolate, Papery and Fairly to very bitter.
ratingsFolgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark Reviews
Folgers-100% Colombian Medium Dark-Coffee-image
Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark
Type: Traditional packaged coffee
The Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark Coffee has the following features: Papery.
ratingsEight O'Clock The Original whole bean Reviews
Eight O'Clock-The Original whole bean-Coffee-image
The Eight O'Clock The Original whole bean Coffee has the following features: .
ratingsTrader Joe's Joe Reviews
Trader Joe's-Joe-Coffee-image
The Trader Joe's Joe Coffee has the following features: .
ratingsTassimo Nabob 100% Colombian Reviews
Tassimo-Nabob 100% Colombian-Coffee-image
Summary: Generally not as complex and/or more intense negatives, but if you drink your coffee with cream and sugar (or chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, etc.), defects may not be as noticeable.
The Tassimo Nabob 100% Colombian Coffee has the following features: Earthy, Fruity, Nutty, Dull woody, Fairly to very bitter and Papery.