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What's behind our electric razor Ratings?

Experts at our National Testing and Research Center tested 9 models in electric razors to see which ones perform best.
We look for:
  • Overall score
    Overall score is based mainly on how well the model shaved, but also takes into account its features, cleaning, noise and battery rundown scores.
  • Shaving
    Shaving is based on assessments of closeness of shave and ease of shaving difficult areas.
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning refers to the ease of cleaning the device.
  • Noise
    Noise is the users' judgement of the annoyance of a model's sound.
  • Features
    Features refers to the advantages and/or disadvantages of a tested model.


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Recommended electric razors

Recommended electric razors are standout choices with high scores. They include CR Best Buys, which offer exceptional value. When narrowing your choices, weigh features, price, and attributes that matter to you.
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Electric shavers are popular on men's gift lists for several reasons: They let you shave without the muss and fuss of lather and water, a real plus when you're traveling or if you like an afternoon touch-up at the office. If you're looking for information about electric razors, Consumer Reports is your best resource. Consumer Reports’ electric razor reviews will give you honest buying advice that you can trust. Use our electric razor buying guide to discover which features are most important to consider. We also provide unbiased ratings and electric razor reviews to help you choose the best electric razor for your needs.

Electric razor buying guide

Electric shavers aren't cheap. Expect to pay at least $60 for most models, and $150 or more for some. They're also expensive to maintain. You'll need to replace the head every six months to two years, at about $25 to $45 each. And once the rechargeable battery no longer holds a charge, replacing the entire shaver is often less expensive and easier than replacing the battery.

You don't have to agonize too long over which electric shaver to buy. All the models we tested offer a money-back trial of 30 days or more--a good idea, because some manufacturers suggest that your skin and beard might need a while to adjust to a new shaving method. If you switch from a razor blade to an electric shaver, or even from a rotary shaver to a foil type or vice versa, give yourself at least a three-week trial period. If you've chosen the wrong model, simply return it and try another or ask for a refund.

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