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Stopping the shake, rattle, and roll

Last reviewed: August 2010
Washing machine pad

Because of their superfast rotation, many front-loading washers vibrate. If they're on a wood-framed floor, they can make the floor and the house itself shake, possibly cracking tiles.

We tested five pads or feet meant to solve the problem: Super Soundproofing Dimple Support Pads, VibeAway Anti-Vibration Pad, Shake Away Plus Vibration Pads, Silent Feet Vibration Isolating Feet, and Good Vibrations Vibration Dampener Pads. They cost $20 to $47. We also tested the Steadywash Vibration Isolation Platform (pictured), a 27x7x3-inch metal box with an upper support that can shimmy and a fixed bottom plate. It costs $200. We used each product with a washer that vibrated in earlier tests.

Bottom line

Pads or feet didn't cut vibration noticeably. The Steadywash sent less vibration to the floor, but the washer wiggled a bit on the upper plate, so it couldn't abut walls or a dryer. It's best to buy a washer that doesn't shake in the first place. CR Best Buy front-loaders with low vibration are the Kenmore 4027, $800, and the LG WM2050C, $700.