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Do we love Ove Glove?

Last reviewed: July 2010

The claim

"Withstands extreme heat up to 540° F," says the package of the Ove Glove, a mitt designed to let you handle hot stuff. It also claims to be flame resistant and machine washable. It's made of Nomex and Kevlar and has silicone grips. Prices are $14 to $19 per glove.

The check

We heated a cast-iron Dutch oven in a 540° F oven for 90 minutes, then removed it using Ove Gloves, regular oven mitts, or pot holders. We placed an Ove Glove over a gas range's flame. And we splashed one with several foods and then washed it.

Bottom line

Thumbs-up. With all the mitts and pot holders, including the Ove Glove, we could hold the Dutch oven for 10 to 15 seconds, but the Ove Glove didn't get scorched, as one pot holder did, or start to melt, as a mitt did. Held over a flame, the Ove Glove scorched but didn't ignite until after a minute (a regular mitt ignited in 30 seconds). Few food stains remained after we washed it. Handling was easier with the Ove Glove than with regular mitts and pot holders. It costs about $6 more than a regular mitt but might be worth a try.