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Can you lift a stove?

Last reviewed: November 2010

The claim

Forearm Forklift, "the best moving tool ever," consists of two adjustable straps that "employ leverage, making the pieces you carry feel lighter." You place the straps under a heavy object; then you and a helper position yourselves on either side, bend your knees, insert your forearms (up to the elbow) in one of three loops on the end of each strap, place your hands against the object, and lift. A video shows two women using the straps to move a washer and a stove, and two men moving a huge TV, a refrigerator, a mattress, and other stuff. Claimed weight capacity is 700 pounds.

The check

We had pairs of women try to move a bookcase and a gas range with and without the straps. Then we asked two men to do the same, plus move a refrigerator.

Bottom line

Consider arming yourself with Forearm Forklift. It can help move big, bulky items more easily and safely. But it doesn't make anyone superhuman. One of our women testers couldn't budge her side of the stove, Forklift or not. If you don't feel comfortable moving an item, don't move it.