In this report

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Last reviewed: October 2010

The claim

The Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair has two lint-collecting, fabric-covered rollers that work together to "grab, lift, and trap hair inside." They're designed to work on pillows, bedspreads, car interiors, chairs, and such. We paid $5.59 for ours.

The check

Our tester enlisted three friends: Jade, a mixed-breed dog, and Precious and Rexy, tabby cats. To collect the copious hair they shed, we used the Pledge sweeper and three other devices: a Scotch Lint Roller, with layered, sticky, disposable sheets; a Scotch Pet Hair Roller, which works the same way; and a Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover, a handle to which a disposable, flexible sheet is attached.

Bottom line

Take the Pledge. It worked fast to push lots of hair into the chamber behind the brushes. The other devices required constant stopping and replacement of sheets, and no single sheet collected much hair. Drawbacks for Pledge: It didn't work well with very loose fabric, and heavy hair sometimes built up between the rollers (but was easily removed). Pledge says the Sweeper is disposable, but we suggest reusing it. Just unsnap a roller, remove the collected hair, and snap the roller back in place.