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Last reviewed: February 2011
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We analyzed all recalls publicly announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in its 2010 fiscal year, which ran from Oct. 1, 2009, to Sept. 30, 2010. (Not all recalls are announced through press releases.) Other information was collected from the recalls database on the CPSC's website. Here are the highlights:

  • The CPSC reported 428 recalls covering about 124.7 million products.
  • Twenty-six deaths and 632 injuries are associated with those recalls. Overall, 12,898 consumers reported hazards linked to recalled products.
  • Fisher-Price had the most recalls: five notices involving 11.38 million products. Various toys and high chairs were included.
  • The largest single recall involved McDonald's Shrek-themed glasses with decals containing cadmium. Twelve million glasses were recalled.
  • Items intended for children represented 73 percent of recalled products. There were 177 recalls of children's products amounting to 54.2 million items.
  • Toys were the product most often recalled, accounting for 44 recalls totaling 13.6 million products. Toys represented more than 10 percent of all products recalled.
  • Juvenile products, including things such as strollers and cribs, accounted for 41 recalls and a total of about 10.6 million products.
  • Window coverings with exposed cords (a hazard to children) were recalled 24 times, amounting to 10.7 million products.
  • Strangulation was the hazard most often associated with the recalled products. That danger was common to all recalls of corded window coverings and of children's outerwear with drawstrings.
  • Chinese-made goods represent 40 percent of all recalled products. Twenty-eight percent were made in the U.S., but that is skewed because of the McDonald's recall of 12 million glasses.
  • There were 10 reports of deaths associated with women's apparel sold by Blair. All the deaths occurred when robes caught fire.