Your new kitchen

The best appliances, upgrades, and looks—and what not to buy

Last reviewed: July 2011
Image of a white kitchen
Photograph by Eric Roth

Ready to ditch your tired appliances, dated cabinets, and stain-splotched countertops? We can help you make every dollar count. Our testers slaved over hot stoves, loaded and unloaded dishes (available to subscribers), and otherwise toiled away for months in our labs, evaluating the most important ingredients of a kitchen renovation. We also contacted kitchen designers to learn the latest trends. And we spoke with real-estate agents for a reality check on whether stainless-steel appliances, granite counters, and kitchen islands are still the hot ticket to selling your home. Follow our advice and the end result will be a kitchen that looks great and works well, and is filled with products that will stand the test of time. We’ve also peppered cost-saving tips throughout this package. And because looks—and claims—can be deceiving, we’ve also assembled a kitchen full of the worst performers from our tests (see Hell's kitchen), so that you'll know what products to avoid.