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Grading the iGrill

Last reviewed: May 2011
Cyber grill
You can monitor your grilled chicken from a more comfy spot on the deck with this remote meat thermometer setup.

The claim

The iGrill is a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that works with an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. (It can also be used alone.) A free application downloaded from the Apple Store enables the griller to set alarms and timers, find recipes, and monitor the thermometer remotely. On the iGrill website are a range of claims, including "the most complete cooking thermometer on the market today," "your own personal Sous-Chef," and "200 foot+ range." The device costs $100 and comes with 4 AA batteries and one probe. A second probe costs $20.

The check

We borrowed an iPhone from our electronics department, downloaded the app, tried all the functions, verified the remote capabilities, and checked the probe for temperature accuracy.

Bottom line

The iGrill is iGood. The app was easy to use, the temperature readings were fairly accurate, and our iPhone could connect with the device from as far away as 300 feet. The iGrill delivers a high "geek factor" experience, our engineers said. Whether it's worth about $60 more than other wireless meat thermometers is up to you.