Shattered glass

Measuring cups and bowls are among more than 140 new incidents reported

Last reviewed: October 2011

When our report about glass bakeware unexpectedly shattering appeared in the January 2011 issue, we invited readers to share any new incidents with us and to tell the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Our inbox filled up fast. Readers sent photos, a video, and even offers of glass shards as they reported 121 new instances. We combed through the CPSC's new consumer complaint database and found an additional 24 cases. Our analysis of those 145 reports, most of which occurred from January 2010 through June 2011, shows that consumers continue to face incidents of glass cookware unexpectedly shattering in the kitchen.

Those reports, added to the ones from our earlier article, bring to more than 300 the number of instances we've analyzed in which such glassware shattered unexpectedly. The vast majority have occurred since 2000.

Eighteen people reported being injured in the latest incidents, including James Sinton, 28, of Houston. He says he went to the emergency room on April 2, 2011, after an 8-cup Pyrex measuring cup shattered when he was pouring hot water into it. In his CPSC report, Sinton said he was so startled by the "bang from the explosion" that he slipped and fell. When his arm hit a piece of Pyrex glass on the counter, he suffered a deep cut that required 13 stitches to close, he said.

He sent the remnants to World Kitchen, maker of American Pyrex, which states it found no manufacturing flaws. It says the incident appears to have been due to a bruise, a result of banging or dropping the cup. Sinton says the cup was less than a month old and in good condition.