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November 2009 Ratings
How to save on ink

How to save ink

Last reviewed: November 2009

We tested printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark to see whether printing in draft mode saves money.

All the printers use less ink when printing in draft mode. They also print faster. The cost per page can be cut in half or more. But the print quality is also reduced. Print quality of black text in draft mode on the Canon and HP models was judged good at about half the cost of regular printing. The Brother, Epson, and Lexmark prints in draft mode were fair to poor in quality. A color spreadsheet printed in draft mode was judged fair to poor in quality on all the printers tested.

Try your printer in draft mode (in some brands it's called fast mode or quick print). If you find the print quality acceptable, you can save ink.