April 2011
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Your body mass index (BMI)

(Feet)   (Inches)

The reading on a bathroom scale gives you one indication of your size, but unless you take height into account, you could be at the perfect weight—for someone 9 feet tall. The body mass index (BMI) provides a more accurate assessment of your weight.

BMI categories are as follows:

Under 25 - normal weight

25 to 29 - overweight

30 and above - obese

Or, use the formula below. We used the example of a person who's 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds:

1. Write down your weight in pounds (190).


2. Multiply that number by 703 (190x703=133,570).




(Total 2)

3. Multiply your height in inches by itself (70x70=4,900).


(Total 3)

4. Divide the answer to No. 2 by the answer to No. 3
(133,570 ÷ 4,900=27.26).




(Your BMI)


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