Marketers want their products and services to be noticed and applauded, but sometimes the attempt backfires. When it does, our eagle-eyed readers let us know, submitting examples of rip-offs, poorly worded ads, half-empty packaging, outlandish claims, and goofs that have made them laugh out loud.

Riddles on the Road

These signs will make you do a double take. 


A Concrete Plan
Thank goodness you don't need to bring your driveway to them.
Submitted by Ted Rishel of Long Beach, Miss.


Mixed Signals
So should you stay or should you go?
Submitted by Ed Strauss of Marydel, Del.


Honey, I Shrunk the Car
Is this reserved for Stuart Little, perhaps?
Submitted by Pat & Dallas Christiansen of Tsawwassen, British Columbia


Start Your Engines
This coffee may be stronger than you bargained for.
Submitted by Neil Osterweil of Manchester, N.Y.


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Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the January 2018 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.