Marketers want their products and services to be noticed and applauded, but sometimes the attempt backfires. When it does, our eagle-eyed readers let us know, submitting examples of rip-offs, poorly worded ads, half-empty packaging, outlandish claims, and goofs that have made them laugh out loud.

Foodie Confusion

These mixed-up labels and promotions left us hungry for better explanations. 


You might need a bigger kitchen if you choose this microwave.
Submitted by Ian Holborn, via email


Cotton Mouth
Who would want a wine that tastes like sheet?
Submitted by Darren Long, via email


Hollandaised and Confused
This sauce must be an unacquired taste.
Submitted by Denese Cosper, Raleigh, NC


Ham-Handed Ad
If you lost the thread on this rug ad, you're not alone.
Submitted by Pat Lowe, Smithfield, VA

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Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the January 2019 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.