A relative underdog in the U.S. replacement tire industry, Nexen has come out swinging with its Aria AH7 touring performance all-season tire. This is a tire befitting a company with $2 billion in global sales, and one that rivals the offerings from some of the best-known brands in the States.

The Nexen Aria AH7 is touted as a long wearing, precise handling, quiet, and good gripping tire designed for all year use. Sure, many tire manufacturers make similar claims, but we found Aria AH7 lives up to the promise—and then some.

Dry and wet braking and handling is competitive in class. Plus, the Nexen Aria AH7 has very good snow traction and offers one of the quietest rides among all-season tires. Long life? Yep, based on our extensive treadwear test, we project the tire to last about 75,000 miles—on par with the 80,000 treadwear warranty.
All told, the Aria AH7 scores in the top five of our all-season tires, in the company of Michelin, Continental, General, and Pirelli, and ahead of Goodyear.

Check-out the full ratings on this tire and competing models at ConsumerReports.org/tires.  

The Nexen Aria AH7 boasts solid test performance and warranty protection.

What It Is

The Nexen Aria AH7 is an all-season tire available in T (118 mph) and H (130 mph) speed-rated sizes to fit many cars, with 15-, 16-, 17-, and 18-inch wheels. Plus, there are 11 new sizes scheduled to be introduced next year in the U.S.

CR tested the 215/60R16 T-speed-rated size. Our tires cost $139 each, but we were able to buy additional tires more recently at $119, proving it pays to shop around.  

Why Consider This Tire

The Aria AH7 has solid performance among all-season tires based on Consumer Reports testing. The tire comes with a customary treadwear warranty as part of Nexen’s Total Coverage Warranty. It also includes a two-year limited road hazard warranty protecting against damage from punctures and potholes, and it is protected by a three-year roadside assistance program that provides free tire change or free tow if there is no spare tire. This all adds up to providing peace of mind that few other brands offer.