Best Places to Buy Small Appliances

8 retailers, plus independents and manufacturer websites, score in top 10, CR's exclusive survey finds

illustration of row of orange and blue appliances (vacuum, microwave, mixer, blender) Photo: iStock

You’ve researched the best air fryer, blender, or rice cooker. Now, which retailer offers the best price for that coveted gadget? Which provides the best service? The most timely delivery?

As it should happen, consumers have a lot of great choices in small-appliance retailers.

More on Small Appliances

Eight small-appliance retailers—including an online-only giant; a website tied to a TV shopping network; a membership warehouse; a traditional department store; and a vast superstore owned by the federal government—have earned top overall satisfaction scores in a recent Consumer Reports member survey.

Abt, a Chicago-area walk-in and online appliance retailer that sells nationwide, places at the top of Consumer Reports’ new ratings of small-appliance stores. Abt earns the highest score for overall satisfaction from CR’s recent member survey of small-appliance buyers. Notably, Abt also places at the top of CR’s ratings of large appliance retailers.

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