Will a Dash Cam Reduce Car Insurance Premiums?

    Person adjusting dash cam on their car's windshield. Photo: iStock

    There currently aren’t any insurers in the U.S. that will give you a discount for having a dash cam, although insurance companies in other countries might. But for between $50 and $200, these devices can still be a great tool for drivers.

    Dash cams are very useful for recording interactions with the police, capturing hit and runs, and watching what happens while your car is parked. For example, if you come out to your car and find your sideview mirror’s been knocked off, you could just go to your dash cam and see the plate of the vehicle that did it.

    Dash cams are also useful if there is a crash, Barry says. You can send the footage to an insurance company and show that someone indeed cut you off. They’re also helpful in providing a statement if you witness a crash and you want to help out somebody else. 

    There are a few things to remember if you decide to purchase a dash cam. You have to make sure that your camera is not mounted on a place on your windshield that might affect your visibility or become a harmful projectile if it falls or becomes dislodged in a crash. And be sure to check your local and state laws, because some have restrictions about putting anything on your windshield, including cams. Also confirm that your state doesn’t have any privacy laws prohibiting the use of dash cams. 

    Tesla and BMW actually offer built-in surveillance cameras on some of their models. It will be interesting to see whether other car companies follow their lead.

    This article has been adapted from an episode of Talking Cars.