Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker Helmets Are Recalled Due to Head Injury Risk

Sakar International recalled the helmets, which were sold exclusively at Walmart. CR had rated them a ‘Don’t Buy: Safety Risk’ after they failed our chinstrap test last year.

Two profile shots of the Dimensions bike helmet
Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker Helmet
Photo: John Walsh/Consumer Reports

Sakar International has recalled its Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker Multi-Purpose Helmets, according to a notice posted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on March 24. The company confirmed that the helmets have been discontinued and are no longer for sale.

“Following CPSC’s testing, the helmets failed to comply with requirements of the U.S. safety standard for bicycle helmets,” the agency told CR in a statement. The helmets were sold exclusively at Walmart.

CR classified this kid’s helmet as a “Don’t Buy: Safety Risk” in July 2021, when the chinstrap buckle released during our routine testing. The chinstrap, which keeps a helmet on your head, is important because people often hit their head more than once when they fall off a bike.

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In follow-up testing of the Dimensions helmet, Sakar International found that some samples “did not pass strap retention strength testing,” a representative told CR in an email. The company traced the problem to “a small inconsistency in one of the cavities of the buckle mold.” 

“It’s a little disappointing that it took this long for the helmet to be recalled, but we are glad to see the company and the agency taking action,” said John Galeotafiore, who oversees bike helmet testing at Consumer Reports. “It also confirms the results we found in our labs back when we originally tested it.”

The CPSC’s announcement said there are no incidents associated with the product but advised consumers to immediately stop using the recalled helmets and contact Sakar for instructions on receiving a free replacement. 

In the statement, the CPSC said it “reviewed two separate third-party test reports demonstrating the replacement helmet is in compliance with the standard.”

In our most recent bicycle helmet ratings, we recommend four helmets for kids. The two that got the highest scores are the Bontrager Tyro, $50, and the Garneau Nino, $55.

The Details

Products recalled: About 89,000 Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker Helmets. The helmets are black and have black straps and a black buckle. The item number, shown in the bottom left corner of a white label inside of the helmet, is ACTGEAR-238BTS.

Inside of the recalled Dimensions bike helmet
The item number is shown in the bottom left corner of a white label inside of the helmet.

Source: CPSC Source: CPSC

The problem: The recalled helmets don’t comply with federal safety standards, putting a user at risk of a head injury in the event of a fall. 

The fix: Sakar International will provide consumers with a free replacement helmet. The recalled helmet should not be returned to Walmart.  

How to contact the manufacturer: Call 800-592-9541 or send email to support@sakar.com to request your replacement helmet.