A blender blitzing kale and bananas into a smooth smoothie.

It's tempting to just randomly toss your smoothie ingredients into a blender. (It all gets blended anyway, right?) Well, don’t. The order of the ingredients in the jar could be the difference between a velvety smoothie or one with chunks that keep getting stuck in your straw. Layering foods properly helps your blender thoroughly emulsify everything so you get a more cohesive, undeniably smooth smoothie.

Basically, you want the liquids on the bottom, to create the vortex that pulls solids down into the blade, and the heavy stuff higher up to push everything down. You're setting up your blender to do its best work.

Pro tip: A quick blend at full speed can create a traffic jam. Instead, start at low speed until the bottom layers are blended and gradually increase the speed. Blend at full speed for at least a minute. Don’t be shy—it’s hard to overblend a smoothie. If at any point you notice the mixture struggling to move, dial back the speed slightly to let it catch up.

Layer Up

Get a perfect blend every time by layering ingredients in this order. If you’re using a personal blender cup, reverse the order since you’ll be inverting the container onto the motor base. We’ve included rough measurements for a 20-ounce serving. (Download and print this PDF and keep it on your fridge for handy reference.)