Tesla Recalls Over 40,000 Model 3 Cars for Speed Display Failure

Driving without being able to see the car’s speed can cause a crash, NHTSA says

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Tesla is recalling 48,184 of its 2018 to 2022 Model 3 Performance electric vehicles equipped with Track Mode for a defect related to the driver information display. Track Mode reconfigures the car’s braking, suspension system, and powertrain for high-performance driving on a closed-circuit track. In affected vehicles, the display screen may show a number but not the unit of speed, whether miles or kilometers per hour. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that being unsure of the actual speed could cause driver confusion, which could lead to a crash.

According to NHTSA, Tesla is not aware of any injuries or deaths related to this defect. The problem stems from an over-the-air firmware update—2021.44.25—that Tesla issued in December of last year. The automaker discovered in March that the unit of speed was missing from the user interface when Model 3 Performance cars were in Track Mode, and initiated a recall in April.

Tesla will fix the problem via another over-the-air update, which will be sent to vehicles equipped with Track Mode at no charge to customers.

The Details

Vehicles recalled: 2018 to 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Track Mode.

The problem: While in Track Mode, affected vehicles will display a speed number on the user interface but will not include the unit of speed, whether miles per hour or kilometers per hour, which could confuse drivers and cause crashes.

The fix: Tesla will issue another over-the-air update to reintroduce the unit of speed to the display in Track Mode.

How to contact the manufacturer: Owners may call Tesla at 877-798-3752.

NHTSA campaign number: 22V263000.

Check to see whether your vehicle has an open recall: NHTSA’s website will tell you whether your vehicle has any open recalls that need to be addressed.

If you plug your car’s 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) into NHTSA’s website and a recall doesn’t appear, it means your vehicle doesn’t currently have any open recalls. Because automakers issue recalls often, and for many older vehicles, we recommend checking back regularly to see whether your vehicle has had a recall issued.

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