Most Reliable and Fuel-Efficient New Midsized SUVs

These dependable models are perfect for around-town driving, commutes, and long trips

Photo: Subaru

The midsized SUV is the workhorse of many families. Two-row models are roomy enough to carry three kids in the backseat along with their school, sports, or camp gear. Opt for a three-row version and you can carry enough stuff for a weeklong vacation for a family of five or carry six passengers to all the activities you can schedule. 

As with any vehicle, reliability is always a top consideration; a vehicle does you no good if it's in the shop. And it does you no good if you're constantly stopping to fill it with gas. That's why our car experts compiled the list below. It features the two- and three-row midsized SUVs that scored well in Consumer Reports' road tests, have average-or-better predicted reliability ratings, and get 20 mpg overall or better. All are recommended models, and each one comes standard with advanced safety systems including forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB).


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Two-Row SUVs