You may not think of child car seats as the typical new technology on display at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but a new seat from 4Moms includes just enough technology to make sense for it to be there.

The innovative company, 4Moms, already markets a number of futuristic-looking child products, including seats, portable beds, high chairs, and tubs. Each includes design and technology features that address key convenience and safety features of the products.

This week, 4Moms previewed a new rear-facing-only infant child car seat with features that pairs with a smartphone app to automatically tension and recline the seat once it's attached to a vehicle using LATCH.

For those who have struggled through child seat installation that sounds very appealing. The accompanying app also monitors the status of the seat once the carrier portion is installed on the base.  

4Moms Child Seat

Consumer Reports tests about 40 car seats every year through a comprehensive protocol that includes crash protection based on simulated crash tests using child-sized dummies, as well as ratings of how easy a seat is to use and fit-to-vehicle based on our success in achieving a secure installation in somewhat challenging vehicles.

Our fit-to-vehicle ratings are based on approximately 1,600 installations each year and though they don’t guarantee a secure fit in every car, we feel those that score highly offer the best potential for parents to get their installation right.

Data indicates that about 80 percent of child seats still aren’t used correctly, and one of the aspects with the highest levels of misuse is that the seat is not securely installed in the car. A seat that ‘self-tensions’ and ‘self-reclines’ may improve those statistics.

With an anticipated June 2016 launch date, the 4Moms child seat’s technology comes at a premium price of $499.99, which would make it one of the most expensive rear-facing only infant seats on the market. We will certainly be interested in seeing how it works and how well it fares in our full round of tests once it’s available. In particular, we’ll be interested in how the seat’s "high-tech" features perform with a seat belt installation. For now, color us intrigued.