Talking Cars 357: The Chevrolet Corvette Goes Electric. What Does That Mean for Car Enthusiasts?

We also discuss whether technology will take all the fun out of driving

Main theme: GM has finally confirmed that an electric Corvette is coming—as is a hybrid version. We discuss what this means for the enthusiast community, and how the nuts and bolts—er, volts—of electrification will make the next generation of supercars just as interesting as today’s gas-powered models.

Audience question: An 18-year-old viewer asks us to predict how cars are going to change in his lifetime, and what that means for car enthusiasts like him. Will electrification and autonomy take all the fun out of driving? Will cars be relegated to hobby status, as horses are today? Or are today’s cars already too high-tech? Stay tuned as we stare into the bright, oncoming headlights of the future.

Talking Cars 357
"Talking Cars" panelists Jen Stockburger, Keith Barry, and Jon Linkov

Photo: Consumer Reports Photo: Consumer Reports

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Despite my love for quirky, old European sedans like the Renault Medallion, it's my passion to help others find a safe, reliable car that still puts a smile on their face—even if they're stuck in traffic. When I'm not behind the wheel or the keyboard, you can find me exploring a new city on foot or planning my next trip.