Main themes: The Consumer Reports panel discusses the latest news from Cadillac, including the cancellation of its pilot vehicle subscription program. The trio then explores what the appeal of these programs may or may not be. Jon, Ryan, and Jen also share their first impressions of the Cadillac XT4, the brand’s first entry into the luxury compact SUV segment.

The panel also talks about a recent Subaru recall for engine issues that could result in stalling.

Audience questions:

  • What tips does CR have for using advanced safety systems during the winter when roads may not be clear?
  • What advice can you provide for dealing with a less-than-enjoyable dealer experience?
  • Is blind spot monitoring necessary if you just adjust your mirrors correctly?
  • Plus, the team responds to a follow-up video submission from someone who narrowed their vehicle search based on CR advice but simply likes one vehicle over another.
Talking Cars panelists Jon Linkov, Jen Stockburger, and Ryan Pszczolkowski
Panelists: Jon Linkov, Jen Stockburger, and Ryan Pszczolkowski

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