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Acura TL

2009 Redesign Year
Acura TL 2014 Trim Shown: 2014 Base
Good at almost everything, the 2004-2008 TL proved to be a tough act to follow and the second-generation TL fell short of the task. Although a fine car overall, it didn't stand out. The cabin is well finished, but road noise intrudes and the dash is cluttered with buttons. The front seats are comfortable, but the rear is cramped. Our tested FWD, 3.5-liter V6 returned 24 mpg overall with the six-speed automatic. While it has taut handling and a compliant, if somewhat firm ride, we found the steering vague and lacking feedback. AWD was available with the 3.7-liter V6.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2014 $17,925 - $23,075 $14,350 - $19,200
2013 $15,150 - $19,925 $11,690 - $16,140
2012 $13,700 - $17,325 $10,330 - $13,630
2011 $12,225 - $14,000 $8,945 - $10,545
2010 $11,025 - $12,500 $7,865 - $9,215
2009 $10,200 - $11,475 $7,070 - $8,220
2004 Redesign Year
Acura TL 2008 Trim Shown: 2008 Sedan
Considerably improved for its third generation, the well-rounded TL has a great blend of comfort, convenience, and sportiness. Motivation comes from a 270-hp, 3.2-liter V6 that returns 23 mpg on premium fuel. While not quite rivaling the BMW 3 Series for sportiness, communicative and quick steering and well-contained body lean makes the TL enjoyable to drive. Steady and well-controlled, the ride provides good isolation from bumps and the cabin is quiet inside. Controls are simple to use, including the optional touchscreen navigation system. Precise attention to detail distinguishes the well-finished interior. Front seats are supportive and the rear seats are roomy. Minor gripes include a large turning circle and a rear seatback that doesn't fold to expand trunk space. Comprehensive standard equipment includes leather, a sunroof, and stability control.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2008 $8,475 - $10,575 $5,475 - $7,375
2007 $7,675 - $9,050 $4,710 - $5,960
2006 $7,025 - $7,175 $4,105 - $4,255
2005 $5,900 - $6,100 $3,105 - $3,255
2004 $4,975 $2,265
Acura TL 2003 Trim Shown: 2003 Sedan
Think of the second-generation TL as a fancier version of the Honda Accord V6. Highlights include a spacious and well-finished interior and commendable outward visibility. Both the base 225-hp V6 and the Type-S 260-hp V6 are smooth and refined, providing strong acceleration. Fuel economy is impressive, but premium fuel is needed. Handling is competent but the car falls short of being agile; at least it is more fun to drive than the competing Infiniti I35 and Lexus ES. The suspension delivers decent isolation from road bumps, although it can become somewhat jittery on the highway. Road noise is more apparent in the cabin than it should be for a luxury sedan. Inside is plenty of technology, including an easy-to-use touchscreen navigation system. Watch for problems with the five-speed automatic in later models. 
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2003 $3,950 - $4,600 $1,405 - $1,910
2002 $3,850 - $4,425 $1,495 - $1,950
2001 N/A N/A
2000 N/A N/A