The compact Audi A3 was part of a wave of small luxury-branded models for buyers who have one eye on their budget and the other on gas prices. Derived from the Volkswagen Golf, the A3 might lack the posh, roomy environment and long list of features found in true luxury cars, but it's a solid, agile and sophisticated sedan that's enjoyable to drive.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "The handling is so responsive that I'm convinced it helped me to avoid an accident when another vehicle crossed the center line and veered into my lane."

    Anonymous, IN (2016 Audi A3)

    "Excellent performance and handling. One of the quickest cars I have had"

    KEN R., CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "The all wheel drive tracks and corners very positive. The acceleration is excellent for a turbo 4. It runs like a V8 but gets good gas mileage."

    Anonymous, NV (2016 Audi A3)

    "Acceleration and handling so good that you forget it's a plug in hybrid electric vehicle."

    CATHY M., NC (2016 Audi A3)

    "impressive electric acceleration and incredible mileage, up to 111 mpg!"

    Anonymous, OH (2016 Audi A3)

    "Great acceleration and handling on windy mountain roads where I live."

    Anonymous, AE (2016 Audi A3)

    "Handling is excellent, steering is responsive and I feel like I have good control at all times. Acceleration is also good."

    Denise H., IN (2016 Audi A3)

    "very good torque (258lb-ft) for accelerating or climbing"

    Jacques B., QC (2016 Audi A3)

    "I love the acceleration, you can feel the power and it's quick, although sometimes it will lag a little (maybe because i fear pressing on the gas pedal too much and it'll "jump"/bounce"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Excellent handling and acceleration."

    Anonymous, NY (2016 Audi A3)

    "Very quick response & acceleration. Responsive steering"

    Mary B., MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "its slow, rides very softly and corners with outside lean, the all weather tires are loud, the front wheel steering is a little vague and regen braking is a little disruptive"

    Martin E., CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Strong performance, acceleration similar to previous vehicles's V6."

    Jeffrey G., OH (2016 Audi A3)

    "it could use a bit more power. Our fault for going with the 1.8 liter engine."

    Anonymous, CT (2016 Audi A3)

    "Outstanding power and handling."

    Anonymous, FL (2016 Audi A3)

    "Amazing acceleration both stand still and rolling starts on my 2016 Audi A3 E-trom"

    Anonymous, MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "Handles like a true sports car"

    George S., AL (2016 Audi A3)

    "Outstanding, exhilarating acceleration and handling around turns."

    A R., NY (2016 Audi A3)

    "It’s a rush when you hit that accelerator to merge or pass on the highway with that 292 HP engine. I also have full confidence in braking and steering esp. in sudden traffic jams and avoiding drivers who change lanes every few seconds, squeezing in between cars."

    Anonymous, VA (2016 Audi A3)

    "best handling car I've ever owned. probably because of quattro."

    Terry T., LA (2016 Audi A3)

    "The “fun factor‿ of driving this car is very high"

    David V., NM (2016 Audi A3)

    "Has Power when needed"

    Howard T., OR (2016 Audi A3)

    "The car has exceptional acceleration from low speeds with very little turbo-lag. The suspension is firm without being stiff and allows very little body lean in corners. The structure feels very stiff as well, with no creaks or rattles."

    Jeff W., MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "Good handling combined with great acceleration to pass trucks and left lane hogs makes for a happy driver."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Very responsive, great handling, secure braking,"

    Anonymous, NY (2016 Audi A3)

    "It's very quick to accelerate and it corners well."

    James H., MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "Very responsive considering the 2.0 Liter engine. Handles well."

    John P., NY (2016 Audi A3)

    "Handles well and has more power than I need. Fun to drive"

    Carolyn G., CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "This is a wonderfully sure-footed car that eats road-curves for lunch. It is a LOT of fun to drive and I really like its sporty feel and responsiveness. The ABS brakes are excellent, though can be violent if applied injudiciously."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "smooth and agile."

    Anonymous, TX (2016 Audi A3)

    "A wonderful experience. Great nimble driving, hassle free, attractive. Dashboard and standard features a marked improvement over our other Audi which is 2 years older"

    Peter C., CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Zippy, nimble fun to drive - I mostly use it as a commuter car. Great gas mileage for the performance"

    Joel T., UT (2016 Audi A3)

    "This small car with a turbo is great fun to drive. It corners well and the ride is sporty without being rough."

    Ray W., UT (2016 Audi A3)

    "The side-view mirrors are TINY, they took a very long time to get used to and still do not inspire confidence. Would not have gotten this car if I had paid more attention to that feature during the test drive."

    James K., CT (2016 Audi A3)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Seats in the car as delivered were not as comfortable as the ones we test drove."

    Anonymous, VA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Seats are very uncomfortable"

    MICHAEL R., FL (2016 Audi A3)

    "seats are low. Climate control is excellent"

    MONTE S., CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Handling is very good."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Ambient noise at highway speed (120 km and more)"

    Jacques B., QC (2016 Audi A3)

    "Too much road noise. Back seat small foot room."

    Dennis W., NJ (2016 Audi A3)

    "Great seats, beautiful interior, good ride for a sports sedan. Road noise is pronounced, especially on ridged concrete or pitted asphalt, which is common in the SE US."

    Anonymous, FL (2016 Audi A3)

    "The 19 inch rims and stiff ride are fine on the highway and well-maintained roads, but driving on broken pavement and hitting potholes or manhole covers on city streets is jarring, no matter how slow you drive. Seats are firm and have good support for long trips."

    Anonymous, VA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Quiet, comfortable seats, good driving position"

    Anonymous, MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "Amazingly quiet car. Gas engine is almost as quiet as electric motor. Smooth, controlled responsive ride. Sport seats most comfortable I've ever had in a car."

    M J., CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Seats are too small/narrow for most male drivers and passengers"

    George S., AL (2016 Audi A3)

    "Seats great. Am small and need to raise seats. Audi does thus well. However. Ride is noisy and need to turn up sound to listen to radio."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "The seats are very comfortable. It is very difficult to get into and out of the car due to the low height and small door opening."

    Jeff W., MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "Quiet cabin, comfortable seats and sporty ride."

    Anonymous, NY (2016 Audi A3)

    "It's tight as a drum -- very nice, and quiet."

    James H., MD (2016 Audi A3)

    "Downgraded from an A6 to the A3 and the compromises are noticeable: less plush, less conveniences (driver seat memory, electrically adjustable passenger seat.)"

    James K., CT (2016 Audi A3)

    "Not much cabin noise and the front seats are comfy. The driving cockpit is engaging and well laid out."

    Ray W., UT (2016 Audi A3)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Quality and workmanship exterior and interior. Extremely tight handling vehicle that provides you with a lot of confidence behind the wheel. It certainly is different quality car than the Lexus and Infinity."

    Anonymous, BC (2016 Audi A3)

    "Great car, but I paid more than I wanted for it; but cheaper alternatives just weren't good enough to choose over the A3."

    KENNETH I., NC (2016 Audi A3)

    "Nice styling, nice interior. Only gets about 20 mpg city. Compass was not an option."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)

    "Let's face it, Audis are expensive cars. My particular model is at the low end of the Audi price range, but still weighed in at a hefty $37,000, which was actually a pretty significant discount over sticker price. It's the add-ons and accessories that can really ratchet up the price on these cars, so I feel I got a relatively good deal considering how the car is equipped. However, the long-term reliability of the A3s is an unknown quantity, as is its resale value if I should decide to trade it in in the near future. Thus, whether this car is actually worth what I paid for it still remains to be seen."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Audi A3)
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